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Top 5 benefits of cannabis for multiple sclerosis

MS and cannabis Medical cannabis treatments have proved highly effective at managing many of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Here, we take a look at which symptoms in particular are positively affected by use of cannabis or cannabis-based therapies.


Inflammation of neural tissue is the primary characterisation of multiple sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune cells attack the central nervous system, leading to inflammation of the myelin sheaths that enclose the neurons (nerves) in the brain and spinal column. This inflammation ultimately leads to the myelin sheaths becoming irreparably damaged, which in turn causes a range of neurological symptoms including loss of motor control, muscle weakness and spasms, unstable mood and fatigue.

Cannabis is well-known to reduce inflammation, and has been used as an anti-inflammatory for thousands of years by physicians and herbalists the world over. In recent years, the ability of cannabis to reduce MS-related inflammation has been thoroughly investigated, and has provided the basis for the world’s first market-approved pharmaceutical—Sativex, produced by the UK company GW Pharmaceutical.

A scientific photo showing the cross-section of a mouse neuron showing the myelin sheath that surrounds. The image is grey scale and features a large thick circular ring with sparse dark blobs within it, often also surrounded by a thick and craggily outline.

Research has demonstrated that agonists of the CB1-receptor (such as THC or the endogenous agonist anandamide) exert a neuroprotective effect in individuals suffering from MS by reducing the immune response and therefore reducing inflammation. In one important study, mice bred to be deficient in CB1-receptors exhibited increased susceptibility to inflammation and neurodegeneration when infected with an animal model of MS known as experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.


Pain is one of the most common and debilitating symptoms of MS, and is experienced by 50-70% of sufferers. MS-related pain occurs either directly as a result of inflammation of neural tissue, or as a result of muscle spasms and spasticity exerting pressure on the musculoskeletal system.

Cannabis has proven ability to manage pain associated with MS. In a clinical trial conducted on humans in 2005, cannabis-based medicine delivered in the form of a sublingual spray was demonstrated to be significantly more effective than placebo at reducing pain and sleep disturbances in MS sufferers. Smoked cannabis has also been shown to be effective at reducing MS-related pain in several studies, including a patient survey of 112 MS sufferers from the US and UK in which the overwhelming majority reported a decrease in pain on smoking cannabis.

A digital illustration showing a translucent blue figure’s upper body and head. We see into their head a lit up representation of a neural tissues, highlighted in red, orange, and pink.

Cannabis reduces pain in MS sufferers by directly working to reduce immune response and resultant inflammation, and also reduces musculoskeletal pain caused by muscle spasms and spasticity. A scientific review published in 2007 indicated that THC was more effective at managing MS-related pain than CBD and dronabinol, a synthetic form of THC.


Muscle spasms—sudden, involuntary contractions of a muscle or muscle group—are another common feature of MS, and are reported by up to 80% of patients. Spasms can cause a sharp, temporary sensation of pain that usually disappears after a short time. Muscle spasticity is a related symptom, and refers to the state of constant contraction of a muscle or muscle group, leading to pain, stiffness and a sensation of “tightness”.

Cannabis has been demonstrated to both reduce the frequency of muscle spasms and the severity of muscle spasticity. In 2005, a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study (considered the gold standard of clinical trials) found that 37 of 50 patients enrolled in the study showed improvements in mobility and the frequency of muscle spasms. A randomised controlled trial conducted in 2007 demonstrated that cannabis preparations were more effective than placebo at treating muscle spasticity, although this particular study did not reach statistical significance.

A photograph of a woman’s back. She places her left arm on her right shoulder and back. The red colour around the her right upper back and shoulder represents her muscle spasm.

The effect of cannabis on muscle spasms and spasticity is likely due to its ability to reduce inflammation of the neurons and slow the overall progression of the disease. A study published in Nature in 2000 demonstrated that cannabinoid receptor agonists including THC and R(+)-WIN 55,212 (a synthetic agonist) ameliorated symptoms of spasticity and tremor, while antagonists of the cannabinoid receptors (particularly the CB1-receptor) exacerbated the symptoms.


Clinical depression is a common feature of multiple sclerosis, and is experienced by up to 50% of MS sufferers throughout the course of the illness. Depression in MS may occur due to damage to the nerves that help to regulate mood, or may be a side-effect of other medications used to control the progression of the disease. As well as major depression, MS can also lead to a range of associated symptoms of emotional dysfunction.

A woman sits lengthways on a couch with her elbows resting on her thighs and her head in her hands. The room is dark but for a small ray of sun shining through the window. The woman seems depressed.

The ability of cannabis to treat depression is disputed, and there is substantial evidence on both sides. Several studies have indicated that THC, CBD, and cannabichromene (CBC) can exert an antidepressant effect. The endocannabinoid system is known to play an important role in mood regulation and subjective levels of happiness, and endocannabinoids such as anandamide are fundamental to the process. It is believed that certain genetic variations in the expression of CB1-receptors render some individuals more susceptible to the mood-elevating effects of cannabis.

If you are looking for an effective way to use CBD without the high of THC, take a look at Sensi Seeds’ CBD-products.

Over 90% of the 112 MS sufferers from the US and UK in the previously-cited survey reported that use of cannabis ameliorated symptoms of depression and emotional dysfunction. The relationship at work is complex, and subjective improvements in mood may be due to improvements in other symptoms that may cause emotional distress, including pain and spasticity, as well as by directly affecting neurons involving in mood regulation.

Abdominal complaints

MS can lead to a range of gastrointestinal complaints including abdominal pain, constipation (experienced by around 50% of patients) and faecal incontinence (experienced by 30-50% of patients). These symptoms can be embarrassing, distressing and painful.

51-60% of the respondents of the patient survey reported that defecation urgency was reduced with use of cannabis, 44% reported that faecal incontinence was reduced, and 30% reported that constipation was eased. Cannabis has long been associated with gastrointestinal dysfunction including IBS and Crohn’s disease; it is believed that the effect of cannabinoids on the receptors (specifically the CB2-receptors) in the peripheral nervous system that controls gut function is responsible.

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I am from ketama a well known place in Morocco that grows cannabis , I have a brother aged sixty years and more but has never fallen I'll or sufred a toothache in his life .Maybe because of his smoking raw hashish (waterpipe)


heather williamson

my partner heather has m.s, and we both smoke weed .we find that it helps my wife,with the pain and the aches, so any m.s related information. on how to get help to get cannabis oils or bud. then we would be most greatfull. p.s we hope your brother is doing well ,many thanks anthony & heather



I lived in Kenitra, Morocco for three years back in the late 70's. I made many trips to Ketama to go "shopping". I remember the place well ?


Peggy Gentry

Thank you for this informative article. I have ms and am new to the disease at the age of 51. I believe I was suffering minor symptoms through the years and never really knew it. I had the migraine for 20 years. The left side pain after a fall that never left. Legs that never stopped aching through the night. Meds, oh boy. Those were countless! But all you say is true. Every single word. I appreciate that hopefully someone will listen to you cuz they don't listen to me!



My Mum had MS for 25yrs. She had 5 children n functioned quite well for a while or so we thought until we got older. I Was told about cannabis for pain relief and was going to introduce this to my Mum. She/We would have done anything to ease the pain. Unfortunately the Law was against us and she passed away In Pain always



I fully understand where you are coming from, Peggy. I just turned 50 early on this last June & it was discovered when I was only 24 1/2 but was later discovered to have originated the summer I turned 15 yrs old. I was diagnosed with migraines at around the age of 19. I was confined to my bed every month for 7 - 9 days every month for my "woman's time" due to extremely painful menstral cramps ... MS related? Could be but then again ... it might have just been my body type. I have lost all ability to control my body from the waist down (paralyzed), which 5 different professionals told me that I would never regain the use of my legs & walk ever again. Those people sure looked stupid after our Heavenly Father blessed me with the restoration of all the feeling, movement, & control of my lower body. Just goes to show that the medical professions know jack when He comes to your aid when we ask Him for something. So, let that information console you when the GP's, physio people, the neurologists, & councelors tell you that you can't do something or something that has gone wrong from the MS. He was the first "scientist/maker/Doctor" before them all. The professionals are just really inferior, simple copy-cats 'God-wanna-be's' after all.
As for whether or not marijuana works on minimizing the symptoms of MS, I think it does work but the human mind can be tricked into believing almost anything though sometimes believing that something will work is actually mind over matter after all & not actually helping anything. I do keep trying to prove that theory several time each & every day. ??


Mark Hamilton

Why are health proffessionals that work with MS sufferers so reluctant to perscribe Sativex(price?), GW pharmacuiticals that manufactures it needs to stop being so greedy and reduce its price, everyone knows how easy cannabis is to grow,as usual pocket lininng individuals are using others suffering to turn a profit, shame on you.



Shame on you


Teo Marques Ferreira

That is the problem with ALL drug companies, ITS ALL ABOUT LINING THEIR POCKETS. There are many cures for many diseases but they are not interested in cures, they are interested in profit, NOT ONLY PROFIT BUT MEGA PROFITS.



I've been diagnosed in 2008 with MS and I've had a relapse Feb 2015..I an in a lot of pain/discomfort..this article is very helpful and I will be trying it soon... need relief!


Kathy bonfante

So I'm very interested. I would live just one day pain free. But how do I know what to use



I smoke canabis daily and it helps with almost everything. I swear by it. What I have found works best for me is an Indica. That is where I would start. You can also go to a medical dispensary and let them know that you have MS and what basic symptoms you have. They will be able to help you make the best choice. Pain relief, muscle spasms, depression and not being able to sleep even though I am exhausted are my main symptoms.


Trina Sonnenberg

I smoke canabis for MS symptoms and it works for me. I don't care about how it works I just know that it does and that is good enough for me. I don't wet my pants when I smoke it.


Vapourizering is the way to go

I chose to use a vapourizering machine



Hi hope you can tell me. What plants are best for cancer...Ms. ..and COPD.
Also What is best Sativa or Indica.
Also if hemp has any benefits to health. Thanks xx



I have found that Indica works best for my MS symptoms. It helps calm everything down. I feel like an almost normal person.


Gwen goodyear

A young friend just diagnosed with ms. Need any help I can get. Please reply.


Rina Erasmus

I had a relapse of MS 9 months ago. Wet myself and walk with a limp. I start with cannibis oil a month ago, Definitely a improvement. I'm not so tired anymore and I don't need my walking stick if I'm walking short distances. Feeling much better. Hope this will be the cure of this horrible illness.


ann carroll

I have m.s. I'm in constant pain depressed and can't walk far I have tried smoking cannabis and it works in would love to use sativex ? Would my doctor give me it?..



How do you use it?



What dose and strain did you use ...oil or vape .. I'm going next week to the dispenserary and I was hoping to get an idea of what it will be high CBD OR BOTH THC



Please give an update on how you're doing now? walking better? or normally?



Can you tell me please how do u use cannibis oil? cuz I don't want to smoke :/ but I will smoke it if there is no other way. Just wanna get better



I care for a lady with MS, she tried cannabis resin baked in a cake years ago. Said it really helped. She doesn't smoke. Is the resin better than the leaves? I am unsure of what is best for her. I thought perhaps baking into cookies, that she could have one per day. She is very advanced in her disease.



I also don't want to smoke it, and was told there's a cookbook, a few different cookbooks, actually. Try The Stoner's Cookbook. I don't like the name, but was told it's a good cookbook for cannabis.



i think it's best to produce marijuana butter with the leaf and make the cake with the butter. With the right indica strain, this is the best way to injest and enjoy the whole affect. the only issue is the cost to produce the butter. anyway, i have 20 years experience and taken this medicine seriously, and i've taken it in every state that it's possible to be in. even to the level of vapourized "shatter" pure thc!! one puff of a pinhead is all i needed. I suggest the orangina, or blueberry, the afigan hash plant.....whatever. take care


Renee Moore

I am 56 and I think I had my first attack in my 30 and just looked at it as headache and have a problem with my stomach so taking of pills is out the questions


Debbie Barton

I have never posted about this before. I have MS. Diagnosed in 2014 at 50. I am interested in TCB oil helping with the tightness of spasticity.

The big question: What kind and where do I get it? I quit smoking in 2007, so pills only please. I also don't want to get "high".

Please help me with some answers.


Scarlet Palmer

Hello Debbie,

We are sorry to hear about your condition. Re "TCB" oil - I think you mean THC? Depending on where you live, most cannabis preparations are likely to be illegal, so unfortunately I cannot advise you on where to get them. Depending on where you live, you could ask your GP about Sativex, currently the only legal cannabinoid treatment that can be prescribed, as some (but not all) MS sufferers have reported that it helps them. Sativex is a mouth spray, but since it contains a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, it will have a psychoactive effect (the "high") although apparently this is not as strong as smoking cannabis. You can find more information about Sativex here, and information about where it is available here. I hope this information is useful.

With best wishes,




anti-inflammatory strain is the indica strains. there are several breeds. you want an ephoric, breed. if you pinch the bud and you like the smell, you'll enjoy the taste. Also, if its too skunky, its the "stoner" strain. it;s best to make pot butter, freezeit in 1/4 cups. grab a box of brownie mix. And bake away, and get ready to rock and roll and dance the night away. you'll be happy.



Be in a state that has MMJ. Obtain a state certifcation. Go to dispensory and discuss this with the budtender as to the best product to use. Most are very informed and helpful.



I have ms too and find that when I vaporise marijuana it makes my legs feel so much better.
But if you aren't after smoking there are pills available online everywhere.
If you are in America you have instant access to what you would need.
But what you should look for is CBD pills or cbd oil I have tried rhe oil just 2 sprays in morning and evening and it stopped my leg spasms when I went to sleep.
They offer cbd in so many forms I highly recommend it and u should be getting more myself!
Good luck xx



I have MS am interested in Starting Who Do I Speak with??


Scarlet Palmer

Hello Heide,

Thank you for your comment, sorry to hear about your condition. Since cannabis is still illegal throughout most of the world, I cannot advise you on obtaining it in plant form. However, you could talk to your doctor about Sativex, which can be prescribed for MS sufferers throughout most of Europe including the UK. You can find more information about it here and more information about where it is available here. I hope this information is helpful,

With best wishes,




My brother suffers MS. We are in Argentina. How can we get help?


William JamesFarner Jr.

I have has MS for + years. 5years ago I was a paralyzed man from neck down. I've done every single treatment for MSn just want to stop ending back in hospital n the more I read up on pot the more I see that it might be my savor. I'm also taking narcotic pain Medes to help with my pain and I know if I start a pot redgement I will loose them to help my arthritis pain n my back that is really bad that I can't hardly walk. So what do I do please help me.



Dear William,

Thank you for your comment, and sorry to hear about your condition. Since cannabis is still illegal throughout most of the world, and since Sensi Seeds does not have medical licences, we cannot advise you on obtaining it in plant form. However, you could talk to your doctor about Sativex, which can be prescribed for MS sufferers throughout most of Europe. You can find more information about it here.

I hope this information is helpful,

All the best,



Wes G

I started smoking marijuana as a teen, I smoked quite a bit. When I got into my twenties I had my own place and smoked everyday. I stop smoking about 5 years ago and with in a year I started having health problems. My doctor had me take a CAT scan, from that he had me get a MRI. I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago. I had one doctor tell me that the weed was masking the MS symptoms and there was no way to say how long I had it. I still don't smoke due to my job but I believe that it is the best and MOST natural way to treat it.


Excellent same story for me exactly

Marijuana masked my MS for years
Now it is used for managing my pain


Saint Hawkins

I was diagnosed with M.S. in May of 2014. Since then I have tried to work but have fallen several times since then. I also have high blood pressure and have to be careful when I stand to move due to dizziness. I recently fell at the hospital while there with a friend getting her port out of her chest(she has breast cancer). I grabbed the chair handle to sit, as I was feeling off balance and dizzy and fell HARD. I REALLY believe that cannabis/hemp WILL benefit me. I want to be able to telecommute from home, as the Disability payments are not enough for me to live. Please let me know what I can do to get it?
I greatly appreciate the feedback that you all have sent, as I have slowed down quite a bit. I need to get back to myself...
Best Wishes to you all,
Saint(yes it's my real name lol)


Scarlet Palmer

Dear Saint,

Thank you for your comment, and sorry to hear about your condition. Since cannabis is still illegal throughout most of the world, and since Sensi Seeds does not have medical licences, we cannot advise you on obtaining it in plant form. However, you could talk to your doctor about Sativex, which can be prescribed for MS sufferers throughout most of Europe. You can find more information about it here.

I hope this information is helpful,

With best wishes,




Cannabis should be available for medical conditions.
I also have MS and not on any legal meds, yet. But, always being an insomniac, weed seems to be the cure-all.
Our Governments need to open their eyes and ears and see what has worked for thousands of years.
Just ask the Indigenous Australians. They knew so much more about our land which the Poms stuffed.

Maybe they should have clinics like the ones they have for Methadone. Weed addicts need not apply. Give it to the ones that are in dire need. ME!!



My wife has been using cannabis for her MS now going on a year. I will say at first I was skeptical, I like so many of us grew up being taught pot is a drug. After seeing the positives in so many people from CBD and THC I will never persecute anyone again for maryjane use. Her symptoms have all subsided and seem a thing of the past. I know not everything is perfect but at least they are for today. Depression is still in effect with cannaboid use so treat it properly


Steven Freeman

Thanks for posting medical articles like this Sensi Seeds. The public is just so ignorant. Thank you for your effort in reversing this.


jerry sims jr

I was diag. with ms in 2011. Still to this day im on hand full of meds. that are not working . oxycotin , diazapam , plus two other mustle relaxers that I can't spell.. and on 2 types of anti-depression meds. I'm just sick and tired of taking all these meds . And still can't walk or stand . Wheel chair bound since 2012.. Please give me some advice . And having more legg spasms and seeing a pain management doc. and if I use pot I will loose my drugs i'm taking now.. but have never been tested for canibus...What do you think i should do.... Thanks for your in put....


Scarlet Palmer

Hello Jerry, thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your condition.

As we are not medical practitioners it is not possible for Sensi Seeds to give medicinal advice, but you could try asking your GP about Sativex, which is licensed for prescription in the UK. There is some information about Sativex here, and a blog post specifically aimed at medical professionals who want more information about medicinal cannabis and the medicines that are derived from it here. I hope this can be of some help!

With best wishes,




Hopefully you looked into medical marijuana and to see if it's legalized in the state/country you live in?


Jane M

Read the book by Terri Wahls, M.D. - the Wahls Protocol"
She was an Md in a Recline wheelchair doomed to die.
She gave up on Drs. and started doing research. She developed a diet to treat
her MS and quit taking all or alot of the MS meds. She is now working full
time at one of the VA hospitals, head of the department They've found the
very strict diet also helps people with brain and head injuries I found it interesting
enough to try to go on it a little at a time. It's supposed to help mental problems
such as AZ. Give it a whirl. Use it with your other meds if you prefer. What
have you got to loose?



hey guys and gals was diagnosed in 2010 with gasteoparesis dont actually know if i spelled that correct or not but i live every single day since then in constant pain digestion issues loss of balance muscle spasm sexual disfunctions see stars in right eye every time i look to the right dont actually know if gp has me correctlt diagnosed or not please help would reallt love to walk my daughter down the aisle to give her away in a couple of years but at this time in my life i am scared to death th at this may be just a pipe dream//////////.,scott



I just got diagnosed with M.S. i want to smoke Maryjane like i use to but ever since I quit, then got diagnosed I tried smoking again and it makes me puke.. I really miss it, what do I do?


Tory Miller

Hi. Same for my sister. I take pills. I keep telling her about all the fab tincture, topical, edible and drinks too. You wrote a while ago, so you may already know all the new ways! We have patches as well. Look up Rick Simpson oil. Oh, I have mild cerebral palsy, and I use it to supplement pharmaceutical meds. My Dr gave me the recommendation of an 18:1 cbd/thc. No psychoactive effect. Really great.



I have had MS since late 30's I am now 69. I live in Florida. My neurologist just prescribed Cannabis Oil rich in CBD. He says it has no properties to make one "High" as I was afraid to smoke Marijuana. It was hard to find but at a flea market in next town there was a vapor supply booth. The owner sold me a vial of 200mg Cannabis Oil intended for use as a vapor. Dr. advised 2 drops once a day to start treatment. Dr. says it will take approximately 2 weeks to feel relief. I have poor balance, impaired vision, pain in legs and around ribs at night preventing me sleeping. I will write back to report results. Also Dr. advised ingesting oil rather than smoking it as vapor for best results. If this works there may be relief for many of us and should be easy to obtain. Dr. said some smoke shops sell it and also health food stores. I have not checked that yet. God bless you all and hope everyone finds relief soon!



I am 67 and was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago. I have done okay, but I have had a chronic cough that began about 11 years ago and gets worse every year. I have been through every test and exam the medical world has suggested with no answer as to why I cough. My neurologist will not confirm that it is caused by MS, however, I feel that it has to be the cause. I have seriously been contemplating a cannabis oil to see if it helps. I feel like I have nothing to lose. I wonder if anyone else has experienced a cough?


Juanita McClanahan

My sister has MS. She lives in WV where medical Marijuana isn't legal yet. I believe 110% this would help her walk and her other symptoms. How does she go about trying to get this? PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS.



All MS suffers look in to CANDIDA OVERGROUTH – this is the ROOT CAUSE for this horrible condition, instead of focusing on symptoms treatment.


Michael Davis

CBD is Cannabidiol, a compound in Cannabis....NOT a synthetic form of thc, THC is delta9 Delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that gets all the press usually.


Dave warner

All sounds just what I'm looking for can't wait to feel sufferer for 5 years +,I'll keep you posted.


i dubs

will cbd help me i am a 64 year old ironworker all my life just got told i have ms
cant work any more will cbd help me my meds seem to do northing


Scarlet Palmer

Dear i dubs,

Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor. You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. In the UK, there is the United Patients Alliance (you can find them on Facebook) and in the US and EU there are many branches of NORML (google NORML followed by your area name). We hope this is helpful.

With best wishes,




I have been laying in bed all day, writhing in pain. Baclofen had no effect on my tremors so I got up and smoked some. I'd say within five minutes I was able to control the tremors enough to look up the info on this site.
I'm a political conservative and wish my fellow patriots would realize the fight for this medicine is a fight for rights that they should get behind.



My Wife has Remitting relapseing MS with a lot of white matter disease . She is 54 and suffers many of the symptoms mentioned above especially constipation & pain. She wants to try Medical Canibas. Do people smoke it or is it in pill form? If she is driving & gets pulled over in a drug alcahol test what happens? Will she need to cary a script or card to show she is a legal user?
Thanks in advance,


Scarlet Palmer

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor. You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. In the UK, there is the United Patients Alliance (you can find them on Facebook) and in the US and EU there are many branches of NORML (google NORML followed by your area name). We hope this is helpful.

With best wishes,



Marjorie manns

I have secondary progressive ms ..... the type that keeps getting progressively worse. Re. Muscle spasms, which I get all night long. Have recently found instant relief when i do this".........pinch your skin right below your nose with your index finger and your thumb ..... pinch and hold. The cramp will leave in a few seconds. My neurologist said we have a nerve running up the back of your neck and on up to the head. And that's why it sto



I was in a terrible accident, and was hurt badly. I was on a lot of different narcotics for pain and muscle spasms and they made me nauseous and feel terrible. CBD oil reduced my muscle spasms by 75% and eliminated my nausea and vomiting 100%. It has truly been a Godsend.


Chemney Young Blunt

I have a family member that has chronic pain and the doctors want to keep her on powerful pain meds that will take a elephant out. It also reeks havoc on her entire system. There must be more educating of the pros and cons of prescription pain meds and the benefits of marijuana on people suffering from a multitude of health problems.



I was diagnosed at the age of 24 and have been on all the different types of ms medication which all made me very very sick, long story short I turn to medical cannabis oil a year-and-a-half ago and have never felt better in my life. I I was only 38 years old and I felt like I was 90 the pain the depression mood swings everything was at its peak. Since starting the oil everything I was suffering from has subsided immensely! The biggest kicker for me is over the years the disease has progressed UNTIL I started the oil... the MRI after treating with cannabis oil was the first MRI in 12 years that showed no progression and also a lesion that dissipated???? I'm due for my second one this coming September and I'm extremely excited to see if I have another positive MRI! This has been a life-changer for me and a lot of people I have met.. good luck to everybody out there giving it a shot and I would love to hear success stories and that's what we need to hear to push for this medicine


Sherri Newell

Do you mind me asking you what type of cannabis oil you are taking Jess? I was diagnosed at age 35 and am now 52 and just started taking the oil 2 months ago but unsure if taking proper type. I started on a hybrid 1:1 oil because I picked that out of a documentary I was watching. I have noticed little improvements here and there but dr says I should experiment with other oils but I don't know where to start and I don't want to quit if working.



I was diagnosed in 07, probably had it 10 years prior. The first neurologist I went to gave me 6 prescriptions to be used and filled every month. The medication either made me tired or amped me up to where sleep was a problem. I was a policeman at the time (since retired) and marijuana wasn't on the radar, didn't think the bosses of the PD would make an exception. I retired soon after being diagnosed with MS. I was too tried (and probably unsafe) to work. Soon after retirement I tried some marijuana. I was amazed. I actually felt better with just a joint. Medical Marijuana was available in the state so I choose that route. I believe 100% that pot works weather is psychosomatic or real doesn't matter it works for me. The six medication I was taking haven't used them since. I visit my neurologist regularly he is happy with my results. A MRI brain scan showed no new activity since I started using cannabis. Again don't know if its psychosomatic or not but I am on no new medications and feel very good and my liver thanks me also.



While you're clearly pointing out the ones backed by scientific studies, I strongly believe that there are many more ailments which we'll find to benefit from use in the coming years.




How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Katelyn,

Thank you for your comment, I'm sorry to hear that you have had problems with obtaining CBD oil. I can't really give any advice or comment further on this; you don't mention which country you are in and whether or not you ordered the CBD oil from Sensi Seeds. Sorry I can't be more help at this point.

With best wishes,



Tora Conway

I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 at the age of 51. I woke up one morning with numbness in my lower back and right leg. This was on a Thursday. By the weekend I was totally numb from the waist down. I couldn't feel my feet touching the floor. I saw my doctor on Monday and had an MRI to see if I had a disc problem. It was negative and she told me she feared MS. I was sent to a neurologist, had two more MRIs, and was told that night that I have four lesions on my spine – MS. I did the steroid treatments for few years but it all made me sick,so i was ask to try a herbal formula which i order from TOTAL CURE HERBAL FOUNDATION.
On Feb 2016 i started using the herbal formula the treatment worked incredibly for my MS condition without wasting much time before reacting on my body.
I used the TOTAL CURE HERBAL FOUNDATION MS Herbal formula for a total time period of 14 weeks,it totally reversed my Multiple Sclerosis. I had a total decline of all symptoms including vision problems, numbness and others. Sometimes, i totally forget i ever had MS.
Kindly email totalcureherbalfoundation gmail com to start getting rid of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).



I have MS. cannabis has helped me very much. I started a cannabis friendly MS Support group on Facebook. Please feel free to join. Love n light to you. ??



There was a time in my life in retrospect when I was such a Pharmacare Puppet with no knowledge of the hupocrisy and Greed in the Dr/Pharmacare world. I was on 26 pills a day, Capaxone Injection and was not the biggest excerciser. Dxed in 2008 hit by dd 2013 here we go..After a scary bout of depression I bgan researching,attracted Dealers not Healers, almost died bleeding out #MadewithButanebutHeyGiveMeUr$$$
Came back 2 life still dtermined got in touch with Dr.Sam Mellace #BigHeart on 2.5 months of FECO oil, its changing my life. I am not paralyed I can stand up, no dropfoot, no pain I smile a lot it's a Good Day


Addiction Killer

This is such a nice blog, thank you for sharing with us.



Nice Blog, i was searching for benefits of cannabis ans i found really informative information here. Thanks for sharing.


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