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Uruguay has said yes to Cannabis

The regulation of the cultivation and consumption of cannabis has arrived in Uruguay.The “Frente Amplio” Party voted “Yes” to the Cannabis Legalization Bill

Uruguay Parliament
Uruguay Parliament

It is a fact. The regulation of the cultivation and consumption of cannabis has arrived in Uruguay. On  July 4th 2013, the members of the “Frente Amplio” Party unanimously voted “Yes” to the Cannabis Legalization Bill and the long-awaited plan was approved by the Comisión de Adicciones (Commission for Addictions).

As Sensi Seeds already reported, pharmacies can now deliver up to 40 grams of cannabis per person on a monthly basis. Those who choose the option of self-cultivation can have a total of 6 plants and cannabis clubs can have a maximum of 100 members and grow a maximum of 99 plants.

This is an unprecedented decision in Latin America. As the platform Regulación Responsable (Responsible Regulation) says “this will be an opportunity to advance in the idea that it is necessary to change the current system related to marijuana”.

With this approval culminates a path that began a year ago with the President of Uruguay, José Mujica, who announced the project as an initiative to “remove clients to drug trafficking”. For the President, the black market is “worse than the drug”, and the reason why this regulation was, without any doubt urgent, and above all, necessary.

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Way to go Uruguay. The world is catching up and we're falling behind.



This is great news. The framework they are using looks really good and should be used in other countries around the world.


christian urpani

This plant was given to us by GOD. Its good medicine to live this life



Now, I can travel to Uruguay for smoka?


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