Cannabis Strain Focus: Ruderalis Indica from Sensi Seeds

Ruderalis Indica cannabis plant

The 90% Indica suits cool/cold climates. Its compact plants flower in 40-50 days and produce a medium yield. Detailed information about standard Ruderalis Indica hemp seeds can be found here.

The 90% Indica suits cool/cold climates. Its compact plants flower in 40-50 days and produce a medium yield. Detailed information about standard Ruderalis Indica hemp seeds can be found here:

Ruderalis Indica at a glance

Ruderalis Indica cannabis plant
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Ruderalis Indica captures the unique properties of Ruderalis cannabis, a cannabis strain that grows as a wild plant across Eastern Europe. Through breeding with psychoactive Indicas from the south, Sensi Seeds has added to its potency. The result is a hardy, early-flowering hybrid that can succeed in almost any environment. Ruderalis Indica is ideal for first-time cannabis growers, promising good success rates.

The Ruderalis Indica® is a semi auto-flowering strain which means that 50% of the plants bloom independently according to their development stage, rather than being triggered to flower by changing light-cycles.

While the pure Ruderalis strains are of only low value in terms of fibres or (recreational) consumption, they are of great interest to growers because of their hardiness, their auto-flowering capacity and their extremely fast maturation time. Hybrids made from combining Indica with a Ruderalis strain are currently proving to be some of the earliest-maturing outdoor plants available.

Medicinal use of Ruderalis Indica

Ruderalis Indica cannabis plant growing outside
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Ruderalis Indica is lower in THC than most hybrids, but has a comparatively high proportion of CBD, making it an ideal cannabis strain for medicinal use. Patients can benefit from the subtle effects of cannabinoids without being overwhelmed by the experience of being stoned.

Ruderalis hybrids are also particularly good for medicinal applications, especially in cases where the therapeutic benefits of CBD are preferred.

As an aside Cannabis Ruderalis

The name Ruderalis comes from ruderal, a term meaning a plant species that colonises land when its balance is disturbed by natural disasters or human intervention. The plant species usually grows by roadsides or on fallow farmland.

Cannabis Ruderalis grows in the wild. It originates from Russia, Central Europe and Central Asia and has adapted itself to the harsher climate of these regions. The strain begins to flower when it achieves a certain stage of maturity – around the time it produces its fifth to seventh pair of leaves (fifth to seventh node), which normally occurs after about five to seven weeks of growth. Once the cannabis begins to flower, it continues to do so until other environmental factors cause the plant to die.  The exceptional adaptation of Cannabis Ruderalis to short, cool summers can be seen in various other areas of plant life. Ruderalis has the ability to complete its entire life cycle in just 10 weeks. (This normally takes 12 to 14 weeks.)

What Sensi Seeds customers say about Ruderalis Indica

Very good and hardy plant

“As a first-time grower I have found the Ruderalis Indica to be a very good and really very hardy plant! The growth phase took five months for me which was unfortunately a little longer than I had hoped, but nevertheless a really good plant and I have no hesitation in recommending it!”


“We germinated the Ruderalis Indica inside, then took it outside. One of the plants was bursting out of the pot. When we returned to it after two months, we were met by a bush that was more than 2m wide and over 2.20m high. We have now harvested over 850g from this plant alone. Extremely hardy and grows very quickly even with little light… A really great strain. We were smiling for months.”

Strong Body Stone

“I was on the hunt for a fast-growing plant because I only had four months to grow it in. I came across Ruderalis Indica and tried it. I thought it may be a little weak because of its low THC content. I was wrong and I was pleasantly surprised. The body stone is pleasingly strong. Good for medicinal use. I was able to fall asleep quickly. It was added to my favourites list immediately!”

Medical Marvel

“I chose this strain because I am a medical user who was looking for a strain that a beginner could grow. This strain produces a medicine which relieves arthritis pain and delivers a good night’s sleep without any unpleasant side effects. Five star stuff. This is one of Sensi’s cheapest strains but delivers remarkable value for money. It is a bit of a surprise package. One does not know if the plants will be auto-flowering or photoperiod. Whichever, both phenotypes are a pleasure to grow. The strain forgave my many beginner mistakes and delivered an end product which works. The Sensi write up very honestly states that this strain is high CBD, lower THC with subtle more medicinal effects. I can vouch for its medical efficacy, but I have to say that it will also bring a smile to your face with a few giggles thrown in. I am really pleased with the outcome. I would recommend this strain to anyone looking for a strain which is easy to grow and which produces good weed at a bargain price. …”

Grow your own Ruderalis Indica and post your own review of this standard Sensi Seeds strain.


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