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Colombia Gold: Cannabis Paradise – Part 2

Colombia Gold In the second video of its Colombia series, Cannabis News Network explores the country’s cannabis paradise. The large chunks of cultivable territories are where the medical cannabis meant to be provided to Colombian citizens and other patients is grown. Watch this second episode, and stay tuned to for the third and last episode of this exciting series.

Welcome to Colombia’s Cannabis Paradise

Colombia is preparing to distribute legal medical cannabis to patients all over the world. Massive amounts of cannabis are currently being grown, but this does not mean that the methods used to grow it, and the corresponding end result are what is expected from this new actor in the industry.

In this episode, Cannabis News Network investigates about the quality of the cannabis developed in the indigenous part of Colombia’s Cauca department. This region, devastated by the Colombian civil war, is now covered with fields of cannabis plants.

Cannabis experts are on the case

Our team of reporters has gathered the input of Julian Caicedo (from Anandamida Gardens) and many other experts, on the topic of producing medicinal crops of sufficient quality to be successfully used to treat patients, and to abide by other countries’ standards for cannabinoids.

Check out their advice in this new video report by Cannabis News Network.

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