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Colombia Gold: Cannabis Politics – Part 1

Colombia In the first video of its series about Colombia, Cannabis News Network shows in details what the situation currently looks like in terms of cannabis legalization. Stay tuned for more episodes of this exciting series and learn more about the Colombian government’s incoming system of legal cannabis.

Colombia government chooses a purely medicinal approach to cannabis

Colombian officials have definitely opted for the medicinal cannabis route. This is not exactly surprising, especially considering the fact that many other countries legalizing cannabis have made the same choice.

But this does not mean that the cannabis grown inside the country will be solely used for the benefit of Colombian citizens. There is an important market for quality medicinal cannabis, and the Colombian government has plans for the end product they already started producing.

‘Big Cannabis’

The system via which Colombia plans on producing the cannabis to be sold to patients is similar than the one already put in place by other countries. Namely, Uruguay has kick-started the trend, with its system of licenced growers. Legal cannabis, for many, can only be viable if the production and sale of cannabis is controlled by the government, at least to some extent.

Check out this new video report by Cannabis News Network to see what it means for smaller cannabis producers.

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