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Colombia Gold: Fair Trade cannabis

Colombia Gold In this third and final video of the Colombia series, Cannabis News Network explains the situation unfolding in the region of Cauca, where cannabis is being massively produced to prepare for the incoming legal medicinal cannabis legislation. Check out this ultimate episode that shows you what goes on behind the scenes of fair trade cannabis.

Fair Trade cannabis is hard to achieve for post-conflict Colombia

Colombia has opted for an all-medicinal version of legal cannabis. The cannabis meant to be sold to Colombian patients will be produced inside the country. Thus, it also represents a great opportunity for exportation.

The video shows how important it became for Colombian cannabis growers to ensure the end product will in fact be suitable for medicinal use. This is where cannabis associations and cannabis experts chime in. They have to determine which strains need to be grown, and explain to farmers the basics of cannabinoids in a medicinal context.

Massive cannabis companies are seeking to profit from the situation

Numerous cannabis-related companies that provide medicinal cannabis in other countries, such as the US, have inserted themselves into the conversation.

This means growers have to get on with a program that was completely foreign to them prior to the adoption of legal cannabis. Unfortunately, it also means they will soon be put under scrutiny by massive corporations that seem mainly focused on the profit their shareholders may receive from this new market.

Play the video to see more about what is at stake, and how associations are helping growers to take ownership of the situation. Fair trade cannabis – maybe a reality soon, courtesy of Colombian farmers.

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