5 Best CBD Strains

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With the increased interest in cannabidiol as a wellness supplement, many are people looking to try cannabis for the first time. However, they can be put off by the psychotropic effects that come from cannabis strains with high levels of THC. Cannabis strains high in CBD can be a great way to enjoy cannabis without the unappealing high.

With so many CBD strains available, we have hand-picked five of our favorites for you to enjoy.

1. Alpine Delight CBD

Alpine Delight CBD cannabis plant against the dark background with a CBD chemical formula

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic was created by crossing Swiss Dream and Skunk #1, and can have a CBD: THC ratio as high as 30:1. It was originally introduced into our Sensi Seeds Research collection, but moved into our permanent catalogue in 2020.

The aroma favors its Skunk heritage with heavy skunky notes, sweet undertones and hints of spice. The effects of Alpine Delight CBD are gentle and relaxing. Expect a slight sense of euphoria, which will make you feel clear-headed and uplifted.

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic is a short and stocky plant, with the potential for heavy yields. It has an average flowering time of up to 65 days. As the name suggests, this strain thrives in colder climates, and is great for shorter summers. Alpine Delight CBD is an ideal low-maintenance strain for growers of all expertise.

2. Afghan Pearl CBD

Afghan Pearl CBD Automatic was created by crossing an Afghan landrace with Jamaican Pearl and Hindu Kush CBD. The combination of these genetics produces a 60% indica, and 40% sativa cultivar with a CBD: THC ratio of 1:1.

Thanks to its Jamaican Pearl lineage, its terpene profile is very sweet, so expect heavy notes of fresh flowers and citrus. The Hindu Kush influence also gives our Afghan Pearl some earthy undertones. Afghan Pearl CBD Automatic will induce a sense of light relaxation for consumers while keeping them uplifted and motivated.

Afghan Pearl CBD cannabis plant against the dark background with a CBD chemical formula

Afghan Pearl CBD flourishes in a temperate climate. The plants grow short and compact but have the potential to produce a large yield. Afghan Pearl CBD Automatic has a long flowering period and is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-balanced THC to CBD strain.

3. Skunk Dream CBD

Skunk Dream CBD was bred by crossing Sensi Skunk with Alpine Delight CBD; it is a 70% sativa and 30% indica. The result is a high CBD, low THC strain with a CBD: THC ratio as high as 26:1.

Skunk Dream CBD cannabis plant against the dark background with a CBD chemical formula

Skunk Dream CBD terpenes heavily reflect this strain’s Skunk ancestry. Expect spicy, skunky notes, with undertones of fresh flowers and hints of diesel. Skunk Dream CBD’s THC percentages can be as low as 0.25%. You will not feel a psychotropic “high” when consuming Skunk Dream CBD. However, thanks to the rich CBD content, you will still feel some slight relaxation across your body.

Skunk Dream CBD is a sturdy and resilient strain in the garden with a flowering period between 70 and 75 days. It’s ideal for outdoor cultivation, and can grow to excessive heights in loose soil, with the potencies for extraordinary yields.

4. Himalayan CBD

Next up is Himalayan CBD. It was initially released as Sensi #49 CBD for Sensi Seeds Research and was renamed and introduced to the permanent catalogue in 2020. Himalayan CBD derives from crossing Hindu Kush, OG Kush, and an unnamed CBD strain. The result is a CBD-dominant strain with a CBD: THC ratio of 2:1.

When vaporizing Himalayan CBD, the taste will be a combination of sweet, tangy, earthy, sweet, and sour flavors. This strain provides the user with a soothing sensation throughout the whole body, reminiscent of her Hindu Kush parents.

Himalayan CBD cannabis plant against the dark background with a CBD chemical formula

For cultivators, Himalayan CBD is a real treat. The plant’s structure is short and compact, with sturdy lateral branching waiting to support the heavy buds during flowering. Himalayan CBD has an average flowering time of around 50 to 60 days and has the potential for impressive yields. With its heavy indica genetics, Himalayan CBD can grow well indoors and outdoors. However, if you want to achieve the plant’s full potential, it is best suited for temperate climates.

5. Satin Black Domina

Satin Black Domina was created in 2019 by crossing Black Domina with an unknown CBD cultivar. The result produces a hybrid cannabis strain with a CBD: THC ratio of 1:2.

Satin Black Domina cannabis plant against the dark background with a CBD chemical formula

With a terpene profile made up of myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool, expect a mix of fruity, peppery, and hashish flavors. Satin Black Domina will have you feeling creative, clear-headed, and excited for the day ahead.

Cultivators can expect Satin Black Domina to reach an average height, with an average flowering period of around 50 to 60 days. It thrives in outdoor climates with a typical warm summer and has the potential to produce a substantial yield with little maintenance. If you’re looking for a 1:2 CBD to THC low-maintenance strain, look no further!

Honourable Mention: the OGs

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Although we have only listed 5 of our favorite CBD strains, there are plenty more! A few other CBD cultivars have gained recognition in the cannabis community, including Charlotte’s Web, Cannatonic, ACDC, and Pennywise.

If you think we have missed any classics or have some recommendations, please comment below. Head to our online store to pick up some CBD heavy strains today. We also offer a wide range of CBD products, including oils, capsules, and e-liquids.

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