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Your Opinion – Cannabis during pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy Recently, Sensi Seeds published an article about cannabis during pregnancy and childbirth . Today, we’d like to present our readership with opinions in regards to the subject.

What do you think about cannabis consumption while pregnant or during labor? Come take a look at what others say, and please share your opinion with us as well.

Cannabis during pregnancy and childbirth – a collection of different quotes

I had very bad morning sickness the first 7 months and smoking was the only thing that helped. I lost 8 pounds during the second month of pregnancy and weighed 104lbs… Smoking helped me gain all my weight back and now I’m a healthy 135 lbs and 36 wks pregnant. – LittleTAC comments on [x]

I don’t think that someone should smoke while pregnant! – Ashley Brooke comments on [x]

During early contractions the pain was lessened, and also I felt calmer. This was especially relevant the first time I gave birth, since I was understandably nervous about the whole experience. I took small tokes between contractions. When the contractions became closer together, the midwife advised me to stop, since as I was smoking with (a very small amount of) tobacco, the tobacco – not the hash – could have slowed the contractions again. – Anonymous

I suffered from HG, and pot saved our lives. – Amyddddd comments on [x]

When the midwife is able to create a safe psychic space, marijuana allows the birthing woman to feel that and partake of it, no matter how frightened she may be. When the midwife is able to hold a safe physical safe, marijuana allows the birthing woman to trust her body and flow with it. When the midwife is able to open her heart to the birthing mom and baby, marijuana allows them both to share that space with her. – Susun Weed says on

As a result of this latest battle with HG and being unable to use the only medicine that truly works, I have decided enough is enough! I plan to become an outspoken advocate for medical cannabis. No one should have to suffer as I do. There is a safe and effective treatment out there and there is no reason that paranoia and antiquated thinking should stand in any patient’s way. – SportyCourty writes on [x]

So they will give women Marinol for morning sickness, but not the herb itself? I think if taken as a herb fresh, you should get similar effects of relief without the crazy price tag, but that’s just#MyOpinion – Casa Del Loki!~XD comments on [x]

And we used cannabis some of the time. Cannabis is a relaxant and helps women laugh. That helps enormously.– Ina May Gaskin on [x]

What works for some might not work for others. The medical field will hopefully weigh in and enlighten the public on this topic in the near future. – Jess Ross writes as a final sentence of his article on [x]

In summary, prenatal marijuana exposure does have negative consequences on both the mother and child. This impact should be known so that expectant mothers can make informed choices about how to treat their morning sickness and ultimately care for the future of their children. – Pamela McColl writes on

Even some of the most well-known birth visionaries have found judicious use of marijuana during labor to be one of our most important allies. – Susun Weed says on

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to soften labor pain; we know this from archeological findings. We considered it safe, and when we were hippies, we were accustomed to using it. I haven’t seen any negative effects from its use during labor and birth. It works in all kinds of forms, by the way. You can even put some tincture on your skin. – Ina May Gaskin on [x]

Cannabis during pregnancy and childbirth – your opinion please!

Do you agree or disagree with the comments above? What are your thoughts on using cannabis while pregnant and/or during labor? Are you for, or against it? Let us know what your point of view is. You can do so by commenting on this post in the section below.

To a fair, respectful debate!

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mark shanklin

A study of babies from mothers who used cannabis during pregnancy found these babies consistently scored higher in an area of cognitive functions and scored lower in no areas. It’s only one study but there is no scientific or anecdotal evidence that suggests that cannabis has any negative health effects for anyone from conception to death.



What is the name of this article and first author? I'd like to read it, please.


Kat Eichacker

I smoked cannabis throughout my pregnancy, due to depression ànd anxiety. My child was healthy, and met or exceeded all her milestones. Yet because of the law, I’m on record as a child abuser. My nephew’s girlfriend is being forced into treatment because their baby tested positive for THC. The law needs to be changed. Cannabis is medicine. Alcohol is legal, and it causes so many problems, yet marijuana is a Schedule I drug? Ridiculous!


Cat Lady

Can i ask what state this was in? I am 37 weeks and using cannabis to relieve HG as well as severe uterus pains. This is my first child but pot has been nothing but beneficial for me and baby.


Alexis Williams

I smoked pure cannabis through both my pregnancies, as they were both breech and very uncomfortable! My midwife advised that tobacco is the plant that harms the babies and that i should stay away from it, if smoking cannabis, which is what made me go pure. Both my babies were born at 38 weeks, both over 7lbs and healthy!! It helped me with heartburn (loads of that!!!) cramps,aches and moodiness!! It was my treat at the end of a hard day, especially since my husband is disabled, so my days are long and hard ( but rewardling!!!). Peace Out!! Queen B. xxx



I think medical marijuana is the only thing that's keeping me from having a bipolar episode
Im pregnant this is baby #8 and I don't smoke all tuff or get all blunted as a matter of fact I take a couple of tokes a day thru the whole day their are even days that I'm OK so I won't smoke
It has never had an effect on my other kids they are very smart productive and almost all adults
I have to say I'm anti pharmaceutical go Green


Scarlet Palmer

Hello Sara,

Thank you for your comment, it is always good to hear that medicinal cannabis is helping people :) Good luck with your pregnancy and baby #8!

With best wishes,



Mary Melillo - Teague

About to give birth to my 1st baby.
I have overcome numerous health issues both before & during this pregnacy. I actually found out I was pregnant at an MRI. All this happened as in the last stages of tappering off long term opiod treatment. I was told to go back up on narcotics, but refused & I believe with all my heart, cannibis helped to keep me pregnant through withdrawls.
From gestational diabetis, mental illness & preclampsia, the natural healing power of this herb SHOULD BE FUNDED & STUDIED!
I dont think a single pregnant woman enjoys caughing or feeling stoned, and of course, it should be used AS NEEDED, but this herb has huge potential to help our broken birthing system. I know, it saved my life & the life of my child.


Marijuana consultant

cannabis during pregnancy and child birth is a no no. This is just my opinion. However , your blog is great.I like your blog. Keep up posting such blog. I look forward for such blogs form your end.



I am currently at the hospital after giving birth naturally to my second child, and while I did not use any marijuana during pregnancy or labor I would not be against it. I actually stumbled across this article after researching epidural risks... after being surprised how many of my drs and midwives were blown away by the fact I didn't use one in either pregnancy. When I asked how many people give birth without an epidural (I am in France)they said probably around 10 percent! So this sparked my curiosity, and I stumbled across a few articles of the risks of an epidural ... and I think it is safe to say there are a ton of risks!!! Much more serious and unfortunate than those I can find for medical marijuana. Obviously more research should be done but why are50-90% of woman and their drs saying yes to a dangerous pain drug derived from cocaine for labor and nothing on alternative and less invasive and risky alternatives like our friend Mary Jane?



I am for it. No doctor proscribed "medicine" (or as i like to call it, poison) could ever be as helpful or as safe as marijuana. Peoole need to take of the blinders and see real medicine for what it is...... Or isn't.



Its my first pregnancy and definitely not my first time smoking weed. Medical marijuana is a yes for me, alcohol is the killer. Those who do not understand the importance of pure weed, reveal false fact about it. It helps alot it's a life saver. I recommended it anytime. Body differs from another but this doesn't make weed bad it's just not for you try something else if you feel uncomfortable having a blunt. I smoke at mornings and nights to, it makes me happy and active I don't feel lazy at all I'm more active than ever and this amazes even my family. Please be happy and do what makes you comfortable.


Amber Lee

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I use cannabis often, and reject all other medications. Cannabis calms me and allows me to be creative, happy and productive. I absolutely never get stoned per se, and I always smoke pure green. I plan on continuing using cannabis throughout this pregnancy and possibly into the labour, with hopes that I can remain calm and drug free all the way through.



I suffered terrible HG from 5 weeks right through and I couldn't have got to the end without weed, it helped the nausea, sickness, to eat, to live, to deal, to try hydrate us by keeping water down slightly..


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