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Your opinion: cannabis smoking moms

Moms What do people think about parents, especially moms , who enjoy a toke or two? There are those that say cannabis and parenthood don’t mix, and those that say having a joint at night is not any different from enjoying a glass of wine. Please read and make sure to comment.


People are consuming cannabis.  They have been doing so centuries ago, and they are doing it to this day. In the US alone, 100 Mio citizens admitted to having used cannabis before, 41% of the US population say they’ve tried cannabis at least once in their lives, and 52% of US Americans are in favor of cannabis legalization. Cannabis is the third most popular drug, according to surveys. Pretty evident numbers, right?

But what do people think about parents, especially moms , who enjoy a toke or two? There are those that say cannabis and parenthood don’t mix, and those that say having a joint at night is not any different from enjoying a glass of wine.

Critics say that parents who smoke cannabis are putting their kids at risk. Even cannabis users raise their voices by saying that moms should not partake in smoking cannabis.

This debate made us, the Sensi Seeds team, curious, and therefore we have collected a few thoughts for our readership on the subject of “cannabis smoking moms”. Take a look at the opinions below, and please feel free to share your thoughts with us and our readers.

Cannabis smoking moms – a collection of different views

Pro: I am a fully functional and contributing member of society… who just happens to be a pot-head. What’s wrong with that? – An Anonymous Mom writes on [x]

Con: Pot, alcohol, Vicodin, Xanax, whatever it takes to numb reality, it’s not sobriety and that’s the level your kids are on. Try sobriety and living in the present on life’s terms. Your kids are sober, and you can be, too. Do us all a favor and be aware of what’s going on around you and your kids. – Blossom Hiker commented on [x]

Pro: I don’t need to get stoned. I have no medical condition that warrants seeking out a prescription for the herbal cure all. I simply enjoy the relaxation and comfort that accompanies a nice, mellow high after a long day of wrangling kids, work, basketball practice, dance lessons, homework and chores. Just like a glass of wine would do. – An Anonymous Mom writes on [x]

Pro: I don’t find it a bad thing.. Sorry, but alcohol is worse.. smoke some weed.. – Lucy commented on [x]

Pro: I’ll start this by saying I don’t smoke pot. I did a LOT of it in my mid to late teens, but my psychiatric illnesses and the medications I need to take for them mean that cannabis is not an option for me. This is a shame, as I also have fibromyalgia and have heard great stories about the use of cannabis as a pain reliever, but there you go. If it wasn’t for my mental problems, you bet your arse I’d be toking with some regularity. – Anji commented on [x]

Con: You have great responsibility, when you have children. This is why one should give it a second thought if he wants to remain at the developmental stage of 14 years and keep doing drugs, or if one wants to become a responsible parent. Moms, respectively parents, who smoke weed in the presence of children should be deprived of the right of child custody. I cannot image that stoned parent can act in an objective and responsible manner. – … commented on [x]

Pro: Any argument you can make against pot, you can make x2 against alcohol. I think the point is that if you’re being responsible, you aren’t doing it to the point of hurting people. My brother drinks beer and smokes pot in the evenings and then is a wonderful, loving father to his two children. I don’t see any difference between the beer he has with dinner and the bowl he smokes afterward. (He doesn’t do it in front of the kids.) As for the legal aspects, I think it’s important to teach your children to be critical thinkers and not just blindly follow whatever legal system they are under. And also to teach them the possible consequences of not following it, too! – Sara commented on [x]

Diane Fornbacher - Photo: Monko Photo
Cannabis smoking mom Diane Fornbacher – Photo: Monko Photo

Pro and con: Smoking weed, when the kids don’t realize is ok, to each his own.. but I find all the people that need to get stoned in order to relax alarming, quite honestly. – Mutter commented on [x]

Pro: I am completely in support of parents responsibly using moderate substances like alcohol and marijuana. My husband is a weekly user who has made me see that he’s almost discriminated against regarding his use… He doesn’t like the way he feels after having an alcoholic drink, but he DOES enjoy a minor high for relaxation. He’s made me realize that his toke or two for relaxation is absolutely the same as my glass of wine. No different, no more inappropriate, just sadly misunderstood and misrepresented. When our children are old enough, we will have conversations about this (about alcohol AND drug use), and work through whatever arises with honesty, clarity, and respect. – Marz commented on [x]

Pro and con: As someone whose parents were drug-doing hippies, let me just say: expect that your kid is probably gonna have to become the adult you aren’t, if you’re getting stoned while they’re awake, even if it is just to make playing Candyland more bearable. (Getting high while your kid is asleep or away for the day, I can more easily tolerate. But as a person who remembers my mom being high around me, and remembers what that felt like, when I was five? Yeah. That wasn’t so cool.) I’m aware my attitude makes me prudish. And I am fully in favor of legalization. But (again, as a result of my childhood) I won’t ever be toking. – Alexis Yael commented on [x]

Pro: … I’m not the only one, and I know I’m in good company, but I wish that more parents were open about smoking pot in order to reduce the stigma associated with it. You know, I’m a mom, but I’m also a person. Don’t put me in a box. Unless it’s a hot box. – anonymous writes on [x]

Pro: Even if cannabis was abused by parents of young children I think it would be better for society than if those same parents were abusing alcohol. Cannabis is by far the least worrisome of all the drugs around that are abused. It’s not physically addictive, you can’t overdose on it. I have never known a single person under the influence of cannabis that could not perform any task (maybe slightly less well than sober but no worse than an over tired person)… I don’t understand why cannabis gets such a bad rap when alcohol is so often ignored. – James Drabsch commented on [x]

Cannabis smoking moms – your opinion please!

Do you agree or disagree with the comments above? What are your thoughts on moms, or parents in general, who smoke cannabis?  Let your voice be heard and let us know what your points of view are. You can do so by commenting on this post in the section below.

To an open, honest and most of all fair debate!

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richie walker

Im a cannabis smoking full time father n when i went for custody i told the courts about this and i obviously won. Think that says it all really, i dont need it to relax but enjoy it at the end of a long day and the nipper is in bed. Its not a big deal.


ElectroPig Von Fökkengrüüven

I think that possessing actual knowledge in "a place of alleged learning" should no longer resut in the child being "arrested", the family broken up, and the mother facing 30 years in prison for entirely false charges "dreamed up on the spot" by cops who honestly haven't got a clue what they're talking about, based on FRAUDULENT WORDS ON PIECES OF PAPER.

Human lives are worth more than century-old words on paper.

It's time that we all got together and forced OUR EMPLOYEES to REPEAL Cannabis Prohibition. GLOBALLY.

This shit needs to stop. #SupportShona


Jinien Collazo

I am a smoking mom and its better to smoke then drink . you are more focused .. And energetic


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