How does a Cannabis Social Club work?

Cannabis Social Club On the 22nd of December 2014 Cannabis News Network released a video on the rise of Cannabis Social Clubs. The info graphic in this video has now been extracted into a separate clip, to answer the question: what are Cannabis Social Clubs?

Learn more about Cannabis Social Clubs in the video ‘The rise of Cannabis Social clubs, a civil revolt?’ and search the web to find out if there is one near you.

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Scott Bartholomew

Really helpful, Jude. You filet and simply lay out what epilepsy is. No what should bes, could bes, just who we are. The cannabis is also informative. I didn't know about Cannabis Groups. I've never done it, and wonder sometimes how damaging my legal "evaluation" has been. Phenobarb was the first drug I was prescribed, before switching me over to valproic acid in many forms.
It also is good that you don't infer that this method reverses epilepsy; it just calms us down.
Thanks, Jude


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