Screwdriver OG Feminized

Screwdriver OG Feminized

Screwdriver OG Feminized can turn heads, and we were mesmerised by the vivid purple hues displayed throughout flowering. Its morphology was tall, with many bud-producing side branches, while its terpene profile offered an aroma reminiscent of the tropics. The effects are immediate, and for most, the experience imparts many classic sativa characteristics.

Flowering stage: 64 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 99 days

Final yield: 137 grams

THC content: 25.69%

Screwdriver OG seeds combine two flavour-packed genetics into one offering. The lineage consists of Purple Punch crossed with Clementine, and we are excited to detail precisely how it grows in this latest grow report.

We started growing in our indoor garden, equipped with everything a grower needs. We had multiple circulating fans moving air through the canopy, and our carbon filter filtered all the aromas arising from the plants. Our Screwdriver OG Feminized plants were grown in BAC Lava Soil Mix, and our nutrient regimen consisted of Bio Grow and Bio Bloom. Throughout the cultivation cycle, we used a high-powered 1000W Green Power Phillips HPS bulb fixed 300 cm above the soil.

Environmental conditions are essential; temperatures reached 23°C during the day and dropped to 21°C at night. Humidity would be reduced as the bud biomass increases, and to start our Screwdriver OG Feminized, we adjusted the room to 65% humidity. The EC of our feed solution would also be adjusted based on the stage of life, but the pH of our solution was constantly adjusted to 6.2. 

Screwdriver OG Feminized are photoperiod dependent and will produce only female plants. This means we will have to change the light schedule to induce flowering. For the vegetative cycle, we kept a light schedule of 18 hours on and 6 hours off each day. For the flowering cycle, the lighting schedule was changed to 12 hours on, 12 hours off.

Germination & seedling

The Screwdriver OG Feminized seeds were started in jiffy pellets, which offer moisture, darkness, and a minimal amount of nutrients. The germination rate was 100%, and after the cotyledon emerged from our jiffy pellet’s top, it was placed into a 1-litre pot containing our soil. 

It was not until the third day that the seedling needed water, and we gave our Screwdriver OG Feminized a combination of water and rooting stimulant at an EC of 0.8. The total solution volume was 100 ml, which we applied at the base of the stem.


In week two, our Screwdriver OG Feminized had already doubled in height, which meant the root zone was expanding. We transplanted our Screwdriver OG Feminized into a 5-litre container to encourage vigorous growth. We continued to feed 100 ml of the solution but replaced the rooting stimulant with Bio Grow. The EC was raised to 1.4, and because the roots had not yet expanded into the new soil, watering was focused at the base of the Screwdriver OG Feminized stem.

By week three, we were looking at a plant with excellent vertical growth. One thing we noticed with this particular plant; the branching was not symmetrical. Usually, plants have two branches coming from the same juncture on the apical stem, but this Screwdriver OG Feminized had a mind of its own. The staggered branching worked to our advantage, so there are no complaints.

There was less shading from the upper limbs, which aided in light penetration and airflow through the canopy. On many plants, the side branches do not keep pace with the apical stem, but we saw incredible growth from the side branches of our Screwdriver OG Feminized. This morphology would increase bud sites later and a significantly larger yield.

At the start of week four, we realised we had not used our beneficial insects starting week one. Although we did not see any damage on the leaves, we wanted to be proactive and release Neoseiulus Californicus and Amblyseiuis Swirskii. These insects hunt and destroy many of the plant-damaging insects. Thrips, fungus gnats, and two-spotted spider mites are among the favourite meals for these predators. 

Growth of our Screwdriver OG Feminized continued at a steady pace. The plant was healthy deep green, with sizeable nine-bladed fan leaves. The side branches continued to keep pace with the upper portion of the plant. We decided not to do any plant training and let our Screwdriver OG Feminized grow naturally.


We decided to flip our Screwdriver OG Feminized into flower in week five by adjusting the light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12. Our plant was now 83 cm tall, and we knew there would be a growth spurt as this plant transitioned into flower. Considering how much space we had between the current canopy and the bottom of our light, we could have even transitioned into flower last week. 

Total darkness is required for flowering, so make sure you have complete darkness in the growing area. Lights from under a door, sizeable bright LCD screens on grow equipment, and opening the doors to check on / work on the plants during the lights-off cycle can lead to undesirable traits in any cannabis plant. Bio Bloom nutrients replaced Bio Grow, and we increased the strength of our solution to 1.8 EC. The volume of solution was raised from 800 ml to 1 litre per watering.

As predicted, week six marked a growth spurt. Screwdriver OG Feminized now stood at 116 cm and was the most considerable week-to-week difference we saw this entire grow. We increased the solution to 1500 ml, and the nutrient load remained at 1.8 EC. The pH also remained unchanged at 6.2. 

Internodal spacing increased during the stretch, giving the plant a lanky appearance and required support to keep it from leaning. We subsequently added plastic garden stakes to the container and attached them to the apical stem for support.

Week seven was started by doing the first of many pure water flushes on our Screwdriver OG Feminized. Always remember, when feeding aggressively, pockets of untapped nutrients can accumulate in the soil. Heavy bottle nutrient use can also lead to a build-up of sodium in the soil, and flushing can help counteract these issues. After the soil was rinsed of excess nutrients and salts, we continued feeding our plant Bio Bloom nutrients at the target EC of 1.8.

In week eight, our Screwdriver OG Feminized had grown 16 cm, indicating that the plant shifted priorities from vertical growth to flower production. A couple of weeks had passed since we saw the first stigmas emerge, and by now, they had formed into large fingers covering the tips of every stem. Trichome production was also in full swing, littering the flowers and surrounding foliage.

It had been four weeks since the last application of Neoseiulus Californicus and Amblyseius Swirskii. Part of our IPM strategy is scouting the plants daily; thus far, we did not see any damage on our Screwdriver OG Feminized. We did not become complacent, though; we knew infestations could happen quickly. We hung a new sachet of each predator insect from the base of our plant to stay vigilant against pests.

In week nine, we lowered the humidity in the room from 60% to 56%. The dense colas were getting larger on our Screwdriver OG Feminized, and the humidity was adjusted to reduce the potential of botrytis. The increasing mass of the buds was also starting to become too heavy for the lateral branches. We added a couple of plant stakes for support, which allows that limb to focus on bud production instead of building cellular girth to support the increasing weight.

Due to the stretch at the beginning of flowering, many of the significantly lower limbs on our Screwdriver OG Feminized were a significant distance from the light source, and there was no vertical growth in week ten. The flowers from these branches would be loose, leafy, and generally undesirable, so the decision was made to remove them. 

Less biomass means less transpiration, which had the side-effect of helping to control humidity in the room. Another benefit of removing lower limbs is that the growth energy expended on those sites would now be redistributed to the growing branches and bud sites above. We were already seeing some fading on the lower fan leaves, which indicated that the new growth on top was nutrient hungry and taking the mobile nutrients from the lower section of the plant.

Flushing the soil becomes more frequent in the flowering stage, and week eleven began with a flush. This helped our Screwdriver OG Feminized use its stored nutrients throughout the final weeks of flowering. A benefit of this is a better-tasting and burning flower after harvest. 

Looking at the plant, the buds had many brown stigmas, and the leaves were beginning to fade, potential indicators of a plant almost ready to harvest. However, there were other signs that this plant was not in the final weeks, so we chose to keep feeding our Screwdriver OG Feminized for another week or two. 

We were scheduled to apply another round of beneficial insects to our Screwdriver OG Feminized in week twelve. However, we knew there were potentially 2-3 weeks remaining and the decision against applying another round of beneficial insects was made.

The ratio of trichome head colours is the best guide to judge the peak ripeness of our plant, and we had already begun scouting the week before. When we inspected the trichome heads this week, we saw close to the desired ratio. The trichome heads of our Screwdriver OG Feminized were majority milky, some clear, and just a few amber heads. The grow room was filled with a pungent floral smell, and we decided to feed for one more week and then inspect the trichomes again.

By week thirteen, the trichome colour had progressed as anticipated. We now saw 80% milky, 15% clear, and 5% amber. However, we still wanted a change in the ratio before harvest, but the week-over-week progress was enough to convince us that harvest would be soon. 

We suspended all nutrients in our feeding solution and supplemented pure water at every feeding. This helps remove excess nutrients from the soil requiring the plant to be self-dependent for food. We removed many older, larger leaves for maximum light penetration, lower transpiration, and a head start on harvest preparation. As our buds were big and plentiful, we adjusted the room humidity to 50%

In week fourteen, our Screwdriver OG Feminized stood 149 cm above the soil. She was tall, with many lateral branches. Everywhere you looked on the plant, dense conical-shaped green buds hid under a layer of brown stigmas and frosty trichomes. The floral aroma had steadily increased since it was detected, and by the time it was ready for harvest, the scent was thick inside the grow room. After 99 days, our Screwdriver OG Feminized was fully mature and ready to harvest.


We prepared our Screwdriver OG Feminized by removing fan leaves, which helped eliminate unwanted moisture. The plant was then cut at the base of the stem and brought to our dry room, where it was hung whole, upside-down, to dry.

Our drying area was climate controlled; the temperature was 15.5°C, and the humidity at 60% Darkness helps preserve THC from degrading into other cannabinoids, and our plants were dried in the pitch-black. We also arranged a small circulating fan to move air below the hanging plants. 

The moisture content of our Screwdriver OG Feminized was checked daily. By day 17, we achieved the desired dryness. Buds were still moist inside, but the outer layer had a crispy texture. This would rehydrate when jarred, so we did not worry. Another good gauge is to bend a branch. If it snaps, the buds are ready to cure.

Our buds were then placed into glass mason jars for the curing process. There was still moisture at the core of the buds, which would work its way to the surface, so we did not seal the jars for the first 36 hours. On the second day, we felt confident closing the lids on the jars of Screwdriver OG Feminized. We burped the jars regularly, multiple times each day for two weeks. This involved opening each jar and leaving the lid off for an hour, allowing the trapped moisture to escape. 

After two weeks, we let the Screwdriver OG Feminized flowers continue to cure, opening the jars daily for one hour. When our eight-week cure was finished, we were eager to dive into our stash of Screwdriver OG Feminized. 

The dry flowers were weighed, and samples were analysed for cannabinoid content in a laboratory. In the 99 days from seed to harvest, we produced 137 grams of high-quality flower, and laboratory results confirmed our flowers contained THC levels of 25.69%. It was pretty, it was pungent, and it was a pleasure to grow.

Terpene profile

Our Screwdriver OG Feminized had a strong and unavoidable scent. Towards the end of flowering, a floral scent dominated the growing area. Sweet and earthy notes took centre stage as the flowers progressed through the drying stages. Each time we opened the jar in the final few weeks of curing, individual notes were beginning to get louder.

The terpene profile of our Screwdriver OG Feminized was tropical, fresh, and uplifting. The nose was hit with a figurative basket of fruits, and the first to greet you was a sweet grapefruit aroma. Complimenting that sweetness was the cut pineapple scent with a hint of citrus. Rounding out the terpene profile was a nose-tickling lime mojito essence.

The terpene profile translated into the flavour. The Screwdriver OG Feminized was like a tropical fruit cocktail on the tastebuds and made our mouths water thinking about it. The effects of Screwdriver OG Feminized were also something special, and they reminded us of classic sativa traits. We immediately experienced an energetic and creative effect, while the overall effects were uplifting, euphoric, and long-lasting.

The outcome

If you asked our one-word opinion about Screwdriver OG Feminized, it would be – fantastic. Finishing in less than 100 days, she was easy to grow and produced flowers with a rare terpene profile. Screwdriver OG Feminized seeds are an excellent choice for new growers. They also make an excellent choice for experienced growers looking for something different regarding profiles.

No special requirements or training techniques were used during this cycle, but some plant stakes were added for support. If anything, we may feed heavier next time based on the early fading in some of the lower leaves. Overall, we do not feel that the bud production was affected negatively, and our Screwdriver OG Feminized grew great without plant training. 

What was your impression of the Screwdriver OG Feminized grow? Is this a strain that has been featured in your home garden? Let us know all about it in the comments below. Until the next one, happy growing!

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    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


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