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‘THC edibles’ – The new trend is not without risk

THC edibles If you live in Los Angeles and possess a prescription for medicinal cannabis, it is now possible to obtain your weed via a genuine pizza dealer. 'Stoned Oven' supplies numerous medical dispensaries, i.e. hemp flower pharmacies, with its cannabis-infused pizza.

“One weed pizza please”

‘THC edibles’ – The new trend is not without risk

The ‘OG Pepperoni’ and the ‘Very Margarita’ contain 250mg of THC, which roughly corresponds to one gram of highly potent weed. “You can’t taste a hint of weed. This pizza is very dangerous because it could pull the wool over anyone’s eyes,” says company owner Henry Mark (24) about his product. It might sound funny, but it does call into question a little the serious medical claim. No one should (have to) consume THC without knowing. To fob someone off with space cakes or similar without them knowing rightly constitutes assault.

Over a dozen shops selling this pizza can already be found on Stoned Oven’s blog. However, the municipal directives ban public consumption of the pizza, which is why the warm dough always comes well-disguised in a cardboard box. Concealing public alcohol consumption using paper bags has already been going on in the USA for decades. Clever cannabis groups now seem to be using this secret cardboard culture too, to sell their weed pizza over the counter without being punished.

In the United States, the safety of edible cannabis products is a hot topic in the public eye. In Colorado, Washington, California and Oregon, edible weed or pot treats have been popular for some years now, especially among patients who do not wish to or are unable to smoke their medication. The THC level of sweet cannabis treats usually exceeds the level found at Dutch coffee shops many times over. An average portion for one person often contains more than a gram of weed. Meanwhile Colorado and Washington, where cannabis isn’t just legal as medication, but also for adults for recreational purposes, have decided to devise precise regulations for selling the drug in specialist hemp stores. Accordingly, the active substance content must be specified precisely down to the nearest milligram, the packaging must guard against the product being visually mistaken for sweets and it must also come with a childproof fastening. Because even without confusing it with a Mars or a Snickers bar, the level when eating cannabis is much more intense than when smoking it. Shortly after cannabis was re-legalised in January, a number of overdoses occurred in Colorado, one of which was played up as a cannabis-related death in several US media. No-one has ever died solely from weed, but if you have a bad trip when you’re on your own, you may lose control of your senses, thereby endangering or even injuring yourself or others. In the aforementioned case, a man who had eaten a chocolate bar containing THC committed suicide.

Yet even Wilhelm Busch knew that strong coffee, peace and quiet and a few warm words are the best and most effective home remedy when someone has overdosed on cannabis. Incidentally, the instructions of the well-known poet are reflected in the short story ‘Krischan mit der Piepe’ (Krischan and the pipe). When you eat cannabis, you may end up walking around completely out of it just like poor Krischan did after taking a hit on his father’s marijuana pipe, which is why people who have little or no experience with weed in particular should consume their first space cake or bhang much more cautiously than they would their first joint, which you can simply allow to go out once you’ve had enough. Once the drop (yes, there are even hash drops, grass lollies and weed Fischli snacks in the USA) has been sucked, however, you will be waiting 30-60 minutes for it to take effect, and its effect is often much stronger than the effect of smoking.

Decarboxylation – Why weed needs heat

Not only is the THC released more quickly when eating than when smoking, the way in which the THC is consumed and the level of decarboxylation also play a part. Cannabis should be heated before it is ingested orally, in order to convert the largely inactive acidic form of the THC into its active form. When smoking or vaporising the cannabis, the necessary decarboxylation temperature of approximately 200 degrees is reached anyway, whereas it isn’t necessarily reached when baked or cooked. Juice made from fresh leaves, as is increasingly popular in California, is not psychoactive either for this reason.

The longer that weed dries, the better it is decarboxylated, but this process may take several months. German cannabinoid specialist Dr Franjo Grotenhermen generally recommends decarboxylation before oral consumption, yet many consumers and patients are barely familiar with their weed’s harvesting time let alone its decarboxylation level.

Consume slowly

In order to prevent an overdose, Stoned Oven operator Henry Mark recommends eating a quarter of the pizza first and waiting for it to take effect before consuming more later on if required. And that’s not without good reason, because just over a gram of California’s best weed can throw inexperienced users or people with low tolerance levels off track quite a bit. 250 mg of THC in one go is a more likely dose for habitual users who want to make themselves really relaxed. German author Kathrin Gebhardt, who has published a recipe book for cannabis patients, ‘Backen mit Hanf’ (Baking with Cannabis), recommends, together with cannabinoid physician Dr Franjo Grotenhermen, that ‘beginners’ consume under a twentieth of the amount of cannabis found in the Californian weed pizza: 0.05g per cake.

In Germany, however, 0.01g can still lead to a person’s demise

In Germany, rather than the legal buds for a relaxing weed pizza, the bizarre blooms of prohibition for hemp lovers are still flowering: Even Cem Özdemir’s hemp plant was seemingly unable to convince a Bavarian judge to exercise leniency, as provided for by the law in Germany for small-scale users. When a traffic inspection was conducted, an unweighable amount of cannabis was found in a teacher’s possession. The police officer who witnessed this incident agreed that it could have been 0.01g, but that it could also have been 0.001g. Due to this barely visible amount, the 42-year-old was fined the sum of 700 euros. Judge Grammel could have just as easily have thrown the case out, but that would have given the pupils the wrong message. Teachers need to set an example.

Like the teachers from Osnabrück, who drank so much on a school trip that the trip had to be cancelled. According to the youth hostel manager, the teachers responsible were barely responsive, with one refusing medical treatment for a laceration on his head. The police officer who was called to the scene informed the headteacher, who then cancelled the school trip. In the police’s next statement, the police spokeswoman referred to the teachers’ misconduct as an isolated incident and pointed out that the alcohol consumption is not a criminal offence.

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nice post



its nice post



Pretty good but I must say a lot of people make mistakes saying beer,liqueur etc is not a drug it should be known that it is nearly as bad as coke we should not compare drinking as a safe drug just saying feel free to express your opinion as you wish but drunks are nearly the same as bass-heads and should be treated as such.



It's unfortunate that decriminalization didn't occur earlier than the rise in popularity of concentrates began. I'm concerned that prohibitionists will use ER visits by inexperienced users who eat too much, or don't wait long enough between doses, against us as "proof" how dangerous cannabis is.
If legalization began when the vast majority of cannabis consumption was in the form of buds or hash, there wouldn't be any sensational headlines for them to use to demonize cannabis except for "Man accidentally starts a fire with a joint", "Woman eats too many pot brownies, feels anxiety and is perfectly normal again an hour later".

I realize the need for concentrates for medical use but high-dose concentrates sold for recreational use, often to tourists with no experience with cannabis are too easy to take more than you need. I eat cookies with 100mg + of THC and feel fine. Someone just jumped off a building and the media is blaming it on a 60mg cookie he ate earlier.

Alcohol is legal, I don't know of bars that serve 99.6% alcohol, drinkers are happy with 3-45 percent. Cigarettes are legal but I don't know of any pure nicotine delivery systems on the market. I think the future of complete legalization would be more likely and secure if the recreational outlets in CO, WA, DC or other places where sales are legal or tolerated just stuck with hash and buds.


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