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Global Medical Cannabis Summit Dublin 2016: Medicinal cannabis for quality of life

Quality of life In this second instalment of its Irish miniseries, Cannabis News Network interviews Tom Curran. His wife, Marie Fleming, passed away 3 years ago. She suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which ended up taking her life. After Marie died, Tom came forward advocating for medicinal cannabis. Watch this interview with him here.

In December 2012, Mrs Fleming brought her fight to challenge the ban on assisted suicide to Irish High Court. She wanted her husband Tom to be able to assist her with euthanasia without having to fear prosecution. When the High Court ruled against her, she bravely appealed the decision and took her case to Supreme Court. In April 2013 her legal battle came to an end, upholding the original ruling. The couple’s court battle became a landmark case and made headlines in national news.

After Marie’s death, Tom came forward advocating for medicinal cannabis. In this video, he tells the couple’s moving story, going back to the very beginnings, when, desperate to find pain relief for Marie, he bought his first cannabis straight from a street dealer. With “miraculous” results.

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