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How Do I Know If My Cannabis Is Contaminated?

Cannabis Luckily, the days of ‘grit weed’ and other forms of contaminated cannabis being everywhere you look are gone, as domestic markets have improved and reliance on imports has lessened. However, occasional batches may still crop up, so it is best to be aware of what’s in your bud, and how to be sure.

Visual Inspection

Before consuming a new batch of cannabis, be sure to closely inspect the bud, using a magnifying glass if necessary. Look out for whitish crystalline substances (that are NOT trichomes—the difference can be negligible with some higher-quality contaminants, so be careful!), as well as stems that appear to be caked in a foreign substance. Stems can often be a clearer indication of contaminants, as the fine particles can often be hidden among the irregular surface of the buds themselves.

Tactile Inspection

Rub a piece of bud or stalk between your fingers to test for the presence of spray. You may feel a chalky, dry texture, as well as individual grains of grit, glass or sugar. As well as using your fingers, you can also touch the tip of your tongue to the bud and then rub your tongue along your lips or the roof of your mouth to test for grainy substances. Be careful not to swallow any contaminants, as they could be harmful.

Sprayed cannabis can sometime show visible traces of the contaminant on inspection
Sprayed cannabis can sometime show visible traces of the contaminant on inspection

Other Methods of Detection

If you are passed a joint that you believe contains contaminated cannabis, assess the quality of the smoke itself. If the smoke is particularly harsh and chemical, it may indicate the presence of contaminants. As well as sprayed contaminants, it may also indicate mould or excessive, unflushed nutrients—either way, if your bud tastes particularly bad, it may very well contain chemicals harmful to your health. Well-flushed, professionally-grown cannabis should have a clean, juicy taste, so always pay attention to the flavour.

Another very important means of detection is checking your ash. Some common contaminants, particularly building grit, cause the ash of cannabis joints to become hard and compacted, so that when the joint is tapped the ash remains in place. Such ash may also be very dark in colour, although this is not always the case.

If you follow these steps, and reject any cannabis that is of questionable quality, you should be easily able to avoid smoking or purchasing contaminated cannabis.

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hey thanks for your steps ... so am at kuala lampur and am ataying for like 5 years , i smoke a lot but the weed here is not like any weed i smoked in europe or dubai or jordan or morocco so i need help



Very informative, my lungs thank you



Very good info-Grit weed is back...GET THE WORD OUT!
Its SC, USA.
Stay safe peeps! Great looking bud can be contaminated.
Spend 20 bucks for a small microscope (radioshack) and look
at your stuff.
Beware-Be careful
Knowledge is read read! Know your shit.
PeaceOut in SC



That grit weed has meth solution sprayed on it. Everyone is in denial.


Google idiot

I live i Az and all the MMJ is contaminated. Its illegal to grow my own. The corporate takeover of Cannabis has sponsored this experiment. Testing the waters to see what sells. ALL KINDS OF BULL SHIT SELLS. Wax pens made from scrap reclaim and fake terps. Moldy buds soaked in h202,neem oil, rotten milk, etc. Buds with zero smell and taste other than plant matter. Buds you can line up by color and smell according to nutrients used (Budcandy, Sweet, Sour Dee, Floranectar, Carboload, all these "sweeteners" are a curse, used as flush-ins for giving lawn clippings a smell)

Legal weed is a JOKE! I haven't smelled actual weed in any dispensary. Its all Cutting Edge, Botanicare, AN, GH product lines I smell instead! Monsanto fake weed BULLSHIT.

Why is the seedstock so poor that dispensaries cant grow mold free buds, or buds without artificial smells? Do I need to mention Monsantos connections again? We all know who works with the DEA in collecting Cannabis genetics. And we all know who pushed "sensi" as a standard of quality, rather than quality as a standard of quality..

I am sick of this American capitalist fake jew weed! Bring me some hash that actual tastes like hash! Forget this M39 bullshit sprayed with "Uncle Johns Blend" and labeled "super skunk chem dog diesel" !



Finally! Someone knows there is sprayed shit everywhere. All Madrid clubs sell crap, all UK full of crap (except homegrown by friends) all Europe hash has black smoke if set on fire. Poisoning all weed smokers who dont supply themselves. CHECK YOUR BUDS PEOPLE.


wow. you had me right until the end there holmes

good info, some quasi-predjudicial followers.



Grow your own.. Enough is enough..



The goverments are evil.. They know damn well how harmless natural organic cannabis is and never ever legalized it. Now with this monsanto dupont strains beeing pushed, it became legal.. Uruguya is the first country that fully legalized cannabis, no wonder since they are the first labrats testing this MONSANTO crap!! Agaian, the goverments has sinister plans for cannabis users... TIME TO PROTEST WORLDWIDE! Also against all these illegal wars, just like out parents did during the 60's / 70's



I am a conscious gardener.. what I have learned from being a Landscape and vegetable gardener is to know your farmer, landscaper, marijuana grower well.
A good tip is to get your weed from a small grower who you know doesn’t not spray their plants. Smaller more monitored rooms are less likely to need sprays. A am one of those growers. Happy to grow chemical free weed. I guess my answer may be obvious, and it’s probably not easy to find someone who doesn’t need to spread their plants. But those of you who are consumers should voice your concerns to grower that you don’t want weed that has been sprayed.
be aware there are Organic growers that use sprays that are concidered organic, in my opinion I wouldn’t want to smoke weed even if the spray is organic.



Does anyone have any info on Thai cannabis/ weed?


Scarlet Palmer

Hi James,

You might find this post interesting: Cannabis in Thailand.

With best wishes,




What about the ones spraying reggie to trick their customers to think they're buying loud!


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Pat,

Please could you tell us what reggie is? It sounds bad! I've never hear the word used in this context, but I haven't lived in the UK for over 20 years so I'm out of the loop with quite a lot of things!

With best wishes,



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