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The illegality of cannabis and the toll it takes

Illegality As long as cannabis is illegal, many people will continue getting hurt. In this fifth and last instalment of the Irish miniseries, Cannabis News Network talks to people, like activist Clark French, Prof. David Nutt, and patient Martin Kelly, who are campaigning for medicinal cannabis in the UK. The reason for their involvement is that the illegality of cannabis is taking its toll on many.

The international premiere of the documentary “Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution” was held in Dublin in September. For three years, filmmaker Dale Beaumont-Brown followed his cousin Clark French, MS patient, cannabis activist and contributor to the Sensi Seeds blog. The documentary was first shown in Norwich (UK) where it immediately won the Grand Jury award for Best Documentary.

Clark is the founder and director of the United Patients Alliance, a community that “provides compassionate campaigning, tireless advocacy and essential education for medical cannabis patients” in the United Kingdom.

In Dublin, Clark met Martin Kelly, who also uses cannabis for medicinal purposes to control his epilepsy. Martin is a member of CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol), a political party in the UK that proposes a new approach to drug reform.

Because cannabis from the illegal drug market is of poor quality, Martin felt that something needed to be done. He started testing and producing the medicine, for himself and to help others. In March 2015, Martin’s house was raided by twenty-four policemen. Now, he faces three to six years of imprisonment. This would mean that his six years old daughter would be taken away from him. Martin is a single parent, thus, he would lose the right of custody. His trial is due on November 7, 2016.

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