More Amsterdam coffeeshop customers talk to you

Coffeeshops Are you a cannabis enthusiast? Share this video with anyone who would like to know what being a recreational cannabis consumer really means.

So you are a recreational cannabis consumer. Do you know others that share your taste? Do your family and friends know what it really means to be a coffeeshop customer? Who are they? How do they live?

And how about the coffeeshop itself? Who works there? What does this job mean to them?

In the second video of this new series, Sensi Seeds shows you more coffeeshop customers, more budtenders,  more cannabis lovers! This time, we set up our cameras in the Green Place coffeeshop.

Watch and get to know the actors of a rising industry. And don’t forget to share this video with everyone you know! Give non-cannabis-friendly citizens a chance to discover what we’re really about; we … coffeeshop customers.


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Nice looks decent I cannot wait


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