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Community Question: How ready are you for the outdoor season?

Question outdoor season The Sensi Seeds community of growers is a vast and colourful one. We are always happy to read their grow reports and strain reviews, and curious to learn more about their experiences navigating the ever-changing topic of cannabis cultivation!

On May 1st, we asked our social media followers about their readiness for Spring. That’s right, the outdoor season for growing cannabis has started! Let’s see below how cultivators are handling it.

How ready are you for the outdoor season? Infographic results.

A – Is it Spring already?

We were delighted to see that while a few of you came to the realization that Spring was upon us while reading about it on our social media pages, the “A” club still counted the smallest amount of votes!

Moreover, there are plenty of options left  for all the sleepyheads who haven’t planned anything yet.

For instance, you could browse the Sensi Seeds selection of automatic seeds. Thanks to their autoflowering nature, they can gift you with sizeable harvests, even if you’ve missed the mark and started thinking about your yearly crop a bit too late!

Although, don’t get us wrong, like the gentleman below, you could plant your favourite Sensi Seeds Automatic strain at any time of the year.

E.I.O.H. – “Picked up some Sensi Seeds autos! So C!”

B – Just started preparing / C – Getting there

Many growers were still in the stages of getting their strains and equipment ready, and ranged from the almost-geared-up to the very-slowly-getting-into-it.

S.F. – “Middle ground between C and D. Waiting for the outdoor beds to cook and the sun cycle to change before throwing the girls outdoors. So close though, you can almost taste it.”

C.420. – “Soil’s been mixed and sitting, need to fill pots and transplant.”

G.G. – “Waiting for the Dutch weather to warm up. C.”

(We feel your pain, G.G.)

Some of the later birds took the opportunity to double check their options.

U.P – “Southern California, am I still able to start from seed?”

… and received some advice.

D.E.L – “U.P.: Yes, it is definitely not too late. Even June if you want small ones.”

And of course, let us not forget about the demographic of late but resourceful growers, who with the help of friends, experience and possibly, can go from A to D in a day.

L.P.SSD – “I’m E, all of the above.”

D – Ready!

We were proud to see that many of our social media followers were more than ready to tackle the outdoor season. Some seemed to have learned from previous years, while others were simply readier than the seed bank itself!

E.L. – “It’s already the season.”

S.333. – “D for once”

M.L. – “I’m about 2 weeks in”

Of course, our favourite comments were grow report updates.

U.G – “Germinating right now, outside to the elements with them this weekend. Only the strong survive around here.”
J.M. – “Clones looking marvellous. Seedlings as well. It’s going to be a great year, Sensi Seeds!”

B.I.J. – “Yo, got that Eagle Bill waiting to pop”

BC.K.M. – “Loaded up on [seeds] and just reset my area for planting this afternoon. Whaaaaa”

R.K.S – “D, already got a few at 2 feet, gonna be a good season, trying to get some trees.”

F.N. – “Ready, and ready to cut the first one”

And the rest of you!

We are lucky enough that our community of growers encompasses all tastes, environments and locations. So of course, some of you were not exactly within the demographic we expected to reach.

OZ.G. – “Other way round in the Southern hemisphere!”

W.S. – “D! It’s autumn here but we’re planting!”

Y.S. – “Where I live I can plant anytime!”

Somewhere Mediterranean? Narnia? We’re not entirely sure, but we wish this last grower, and all the others, all the luck possible for their harvests this year.

Regardless of where you are, you can browse the entire Sensi Seeds collection here. Don’t forget: it’s never too early to choose your seeds. You can store them for two years before you use them (more about this in our FAQ).

And if you would like to join your fellow growers on Social Media, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy outdoor season, everyone!

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