by Silent Jay on 06/04/2017 | Sensi Seeds News

Discover who coffeeshop customers really are

Coffeeshops Are you a cannabis enthusiast? Share this video with anyone who would like to know what being a recreational cannabis consumer really means.

So you are a recreational cannabis consumer. Do you know others that share your taste? Do your family and friends know what it really means to be a coffeeshop customer? Who are they? How do they live?

And how about the coffeeshop itself? Who works there? What does this job mean to them?

In this video shot in the heart of Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds shows you what being a cannabis consumer means, in a city where the plant has been “almost legal” for decades.

Watch and get to know the actors of a rising industry. And don’t forget to share this video with everyone you know! Give non-cannabis-friendly citizens a chance to discover what we’re really about; we … coffeeshop customers.

This video features two different languages (English, French). Please choose your subtitles by clicking on the “CC” menu located at the bottom right of the video. Select “English (Canada)” to see the video in English, with only French parts subtitled.

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Jim in COLO

A very interesting video. More people should have the ability to relax and visit without penalty. I live in Colorado. The feeling of not having to hide the fact that you enjoy this natural herb is satisfying. I have enjoyed it for more than 50 years. The CoffeeShop environment sounds like a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing.


Richard jenkins

I find the background music to loud


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