Dutch Parliament submits bill to regulate cannabis cultivation

Legislation For the first time in its history, a majority of Dutch Members of Parliament are in favour of regulating cannabis cultivation. One of the main parties has just submitted a proposal for a new bill. Read more about this incredible development in this article.


Hot on the heels of last week’s breakthrough decision by the mayor of Tilburg to permit medicinal cannabis users to grow five plants indoors comes the announcement that a majority of the Tweede Kamer, the Dutch equivalent of the House of Commons, is now in favour of legalising cannabis cultivation to supply coffeshops in the Netherlands.

The core of the bill is to enable coffee shop owners to be able to purchase cannabis legally from “licensees” who would be able to cultivate it in a regulated system, including quality controls on the end product. Current policy dictates that cannabis can be sold and stored in coffeeshops, but that every other part of the production and supply process is criminalized. Cannabis grow operations without a license will still be dismantled. The request to regulate the so-called ‘back door problem’ has been on the table for many months already with dozens of mayors insisting on a legislative adjustment.

The most noteworthy element here is that the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) has taken a stance against its coalition partner, the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy).

The PvdA hesitated over this step for a long time. “There is a lot of inconvenience, insecurity and criminality linked to the current tolerance policy in place in the Netherlands,” said MP Marith Volp. “The PvdA therefore wants another system, which controls who is able to grow. We are in favour of the proposal.” Justice Minister Ard van der Steur remains opposed to the proposition, despite grass-roots support from mayors of around 60 Dutch municipalities, and stated that it remained unproven that legalizing cannabis cultivation would reduce crime. Given that every coffeeshop in the Netherlands is currently supplied by illegal cultivation, this seems a breathtakingly obtuse statement.

This cross-party support for progressive cannabis legislation echoes recent developments in the UK. As always, Sensi Seeds will continue to report on developments.

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Cannabis N.I.

Do you guys reckon if this happens the price per gram in coffeeshops will come down ?


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Cannabis N.I.,

Good question! I think it could actually become more expensive, depending on whether there are additional costs in the form of payment for a license to grow, checks by electricians and plumbers, etc. Since there are unfortunately quite a lot of growers who still tap electricity illegally, if they decide to become legal growers then their production costs will rise. However, more people may start growing if there is no risk of breaking the law, so we may see prices fall as the market becomes more competitive. This is a good topic for a blog post so I will try to look into it more deeply!

With best wishes,



Best Friends Amsterdam

Great piece again Sensi,

I think it will depend on the government and how they will regulate the growing.
Will there be a few licenses for small growers, or a lot for bigger growers.

Anyway the honest coffeeshops will be very very happy, because buying the product won't be a big hassle anymore.
The downside for the best coffeeshops is, it will be easier for every shop to buy good quality. Maybe they'll lose a bit of their hard earned advantage on quality gear. They'll have to make the difference on other grounds.

For the costumers there are many upsides, because they'll be able to buy constant quality gear. When you like a certain strain, you'll probably be able to buy it anytime you like.
The quality will probably go up, given the government won't set to many rules for strength and species.

It's going to be very interesting. Let's hope Big Pharma won't suddenly take over our love & passion



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