by Silent Jay on 20/02/2017 | Medicinal

Using cannabis as medicine after a rally crash

Medicinal In 2009, TV host and rally navigator Bart Hissink was in an accident. His vehicle crashed against a tree at a speed of 160km/h, resulting in his being in a coma for two weeks.

After a long road to recovery, involving lots of medication – mainly painkillers – Bart felt he could improve his life by trying something else: cannabis!

He believes people should have the constitutional right to grow their own cannabis. And indeed, in recent years, more and more people suffering from traumatic brain injuries have used cannabis as medicine.

On the other hand, starting this year, Dutch health insurance companies will no longer reimburse cannabis as medicine because of a lack of scientific, pharmaceutical proof! This is why a hearing should take place in a near future, hopefully allowing citizens like Bart to grow their own medicine instead.

Dutch parliament will be discussing this month a new bill on how to handle the supply of cannabis to coffeeshops. For the moment, not a word in this proposal regarding home-grown medicine, or regarding all the other problems caused by the illegality of the cannabis plant.

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