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British MPs delay the legalisation of cannabis

filibuster The legalisation of medicinal cannabis is on the brink of a breakthrough in the United Kingdom. But instead of debating the new bill, members of parliament filibustered, talking about other matters until time ran out. Scandalous!

The British MP Paul Flynn was beside himself with rage. He said he was ashamed to a member of the Labour Party. What happened?

On 23 February 2018, the House of Commons was due to vote on the Elizabeth Brice Bill. But they never got that far. Members of the Labour Party deployed a delaying tactic known as ‘filibustering’. Instead of talking about that piece of legislation, they deliberately prolonged discussion on other topics.

The bill, named after the cannabis activist Elizabeth Brice, covers the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. In the United Kingdom, thousands of people who are ill have no access to their medication.

It is not only Paul Flynn who is furious about this, but also the many people who gathered outside the Parliament building. The video on Cannabis News Network shows some tumultuous scenes there. The police arrested several people for crimes under the Narcotics Act.

What happens next? On 6 July 2018, the Elizabeth Brice bill will again be on the agenda at the House of Commons. Let us hope that this time the bill will be passed without delay. There could be no better gift for Elizabeth Brice, who would have celebrated her 61st birthday that day.

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Of course - aren't they getting paid by big pharma to keep cannabis away. Big phrama has a huge budget to spend on lobbying... we wont see it legalised for a while yet.





Arthur E Carey

This sounds like the United States, I think the UK is better than this.


James Adams

Nope the UK government is not better than this Theresa May claims cannabis has no medicinal or therapeutic value but let's the husband of our so called drug tzar a license to grow and export medical cannabis making the UK the biggest producer and exporter of cannabis in the world, EU citizens can legally smoke Dutch medical cannabis here but not a British citizen who will get arrested how is that fair



Unfortunately British politicians are bought and paid for by pharma. Don't expect decency or honesty from them.
We should start a home grown epidemic in this country!



very interesting statement anymore proof to back it up?


David Winter

Roughly 50 days between 26 Feb 2018 and today. At 450 cancer deaths per day in uk that makes about 22,500 people who have died since the saboutage of the ’legalise cannabis’ bill debate. With about 80 more days till the next slot for this debate scheduled for 6 July, that’s a further 36,000 people to die. Rough maths done mentally while tired; corrections welcome.


David Winter

If the debate fails on 6 July through ‘filibustering’ I would like to propose the imprisonment of those responsible. Let’s all keep a close watch on the events of that day so we can identify them clearly.


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