Top 5 of Sensi Seeds’ best cannabis strains to grow outdoors

Sensi Seeds strains are not only pillars of cannabis genetics still used to this day, they also have received the public’s recognition. You will find here the best outdoor cannabis seeds of the Sensi Seeds collection.

1. Ruderalis Indica Cannabis Seeds

90% indica – 40-50 days of flowering

Our Ruderalis Indica is an early flowering strain that can thrive in almost all climates, even in cool/cold temperatures. Its impressive resistance makes it perfect not only for growers who do not benefit from optimal growing parameters, but also for beginners looking to obtain a satisfying harvest.

Do you want to know more about this sturdy cannabis plant sought for by many medicinal cannabis users? Read our strain focus on Ruderalis Indica here.

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2. Mexican Sativa Cannabis Seeds

70% sativa – 50-70 days of flowering

This Mexican Sativa strain is a great choice for any grower looking not only for quality fragrant buds, but also for a fast-flowering plant that does not require too much care. And with its famous sandalwood flavour, Mexican Sativa is not only a delight to grow, it is also a definite treat for the taste buds.

Our expert breeders crossed a cultivar from the southern Mexican region of Oaxaca with the fierce Durban Poison and the fast-flowering Pakistani Hash Plant to obtain this result. In other words, the best in only a few weeks!

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3. Early Skunk Cannabis Seeds

35% sativa / 65% indica – 55-65 days of flowering

Early Skunk is our most famous outdoor all-rounder! Many Sensi Seeds aficionados appreciate its toughness, and its incredible vivacity.

This strain can survive virtually any climate, and will produce gargantuan harvests of luxuriant, dank buds shimmering with frost! Do you want to know more about this generous early riser? Read our strain focus on Early Skunk here.

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4. Jamaican Pearl Cannabis Seeds

85% sativa – 50-75 days of flowering

Another big yielder among our outdoor strains is the delicious Jamaican Pearl. This strain can survive colder weathers as well as indoor growing thanks to its rock-solid genetics: a cross between Marley’s Collie and Early Pearl, this Caribbean strain did not lose any of its tropical, sweet potency.

Between the buoyant cerebral effect and the sweet and spicy fruitiness, it is truly an amazingly relaxing, surprising strain.

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5. Sensi Seeds’ Outdoor Mix – the best outdoor cannabis strains in one pack

80% indica – 40 days of flowering

Not quite sure which cannabis strain to choose? Sensi Seeds can put an end to your doubts! Our Outdoor Mix includes several strains perfectly suited for outdoor growing, including a couple of the aforementioned favourites.

They are mostly indica, and the selection consists only in strains that can handle all climates, including cold temperatures. The outdoor mix comes in a 25 seeds pack, to ensure that you will enjoy yourself and get a reasonable amount of surprises.

If you are a beginner in outdoor growing, they will definitely deliver a nice, heteroclite harvest of quality buds, and in only 40 days!

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I am an American stoner hippie traveling to holland on business and will be in Amsterdam for the afternoon of Sunday April 12. I love to grow weed and intend to buy some of the best genetics of severAl strains. Is there a location I can visit and speak with someone knowledgable? I intend to visit several cafés of course but would like to ensure a good visit to get seeds... Ray


David Cannafacts

Hi ray,
I would strongly recommend visiting the Cannabis College on Ouderzijds Achterburgwal 124, at the bottom of the Red Light district. Good guys and a lot of knowledge.


Rab McKnight

Just what's needed to populate the wilderness, thanks.
Any suggestions for a particularly 'Peaty' soil, as in Ireland and West of Scotland?


Rab McKnight

...I just read some reviews of your outdoor mix... Seems they go well in Ireland, so that answers my question.
Happy trails.


pam eastman

I am currently living in Puerto Rico. Can you recommend a strain for me to grow outdoors? Also, do you ship to PR.?



Thank you for your comment. This map shows you the countries Sensi Seeds does ship products to:

Puerto Rico is not one of them, I am afraid.

Best Regards -


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