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UK cannabis community mourns passing of prominent activist

Last week, the UK cannabis community lost a stalwart of the cannabis legalization movement with the passing of 63-year-old Michael Cutler, a retired builder from Hastings, East Sussex, after a long and hard-fought battle against metastasized liver cancer.

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Michael Cutler displays a vial of cannabis oil, which he used to fight his aggressive liver cancer

Last week, the UK cannabis community lost a stalwart of the cannabis legalization movement with the passing of 63-year-old Michael Cutler, a retired builder from Hastings, East Sussex, after a long and hard-fought battle against metastasized liver cancer.

First diagnosis of cancer

Michael Cutler was first diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009 after suffering a blackout at work. Mike was scheduled for a liver transplant and received it in November 2009, but in 2012, his symptoms came back with a vengeance. His doctors informed him that his cancer had begun to attack his new liver, as well as spreading to other parts of his body, and he was given just three months to live. Having run out of treatment options, Mike’s doctors simply sent him home to die, with nothing but a bag of morphine for the pain.

At this point Mike began to research alternative treatment options online, and came across the Rick Simpson method of using high doses of cannabis oil to treat cancer. He brought cannabis from a local dealer and commenced making his own oil, and began using it on April 25th, 2013. After just three days, his pain was gone—and after some weeks, he began to cough up a substance that appeared to be blood.

Treatment with cannabis oil

Concerned that the apparent expulsion of blood from the lungs indicated a new complication of the disease he returned to his doctors. However, he was informed that the substance was not blood, and that its nature was unknown. Returning home, he procured a microscope with the help of his devoted wife, and studied the substance with the help of software and images found online. He was able to determine that rather than blood, the substance in fact consisted of dead cancer cells.

In May 2014—after more than a year of aggressive self-medication with cannabis oil—Mike visited the Royal Free Hospital in London for a biopsy, and was astonished to be told that his cancer had disappeared. Tragically, Mike passed away just a few months after being given the all-clear; it is not clear if his death is a result of his cancer returning or if it was caused by some other means.

Mike’s all-important activism work

After his significant successes with cannabis oil Mike commented, “I can’t believe cannabis oil isn’t being used regularly as treatment. It is a miracle cure. The NHS should use it — it would save money”.

Since his discovery of the benefits of cannabis oil, Cutler has been deeply involved in efforts to change legislation at a national and even global level. He even spoke about the medical use of cannabis along with Professor David Nutt (former head of the government’s advisory board on national drug policy) and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas at a highly-regarded event at Brighton Community Centre. Mike campaigned vigorously overseas for changes in the law to legally allow the oil, and for other forms of cannabis to be used medicinally to treat cancer and various other conditions.

Mike was also an active member of the UK’s foremost patient collective, the United Patients Alliance, which has vocally campaigned for cannabis to be recognized as medicine in the UK since its formal establishment in July 2014 (although many of its members were activists for years prior to the official launch).

Mike will be sorely missed by all in the UK cannabis community, who remember him as a warm, patient individual—one who took great pleasure in telling his story to others in the hope that awareness of the cancer-killing properties of cannabis would be raised, and who was always happy to provide information and moral support to anyone who approached him at activist events.

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Clark French

RIP Mike - your legacy will live on.


Matthew Sands

Mike was a very kind and compassionate man and his passing is truly sad. He did so much to try and help others and was tireless in his efforts. He touched the lives of many people and will be missed by both his family and friends and all who were lucky enough to meet him or communicate with him.
RIP Mike



Following a recent breast cancer diagnosis, my wife is very keen to avoid the chemo/horrendous side effects route and find a good quality source of cannabis oil 50/50 THC/CBD. Can anyone put us in touch with a supplier please?

Many thanks,



Natalia Richardson

Please help I'm looking for 50/50/ oil cbd and thc for advanced ovarian cancer please help us uk


James Warren

Firstly my deepest sympathy to Mike & family. I wrote a few lines a few days ago asking if it was possible at all for someone to put us in touch with someone who can supply us with the 50/50 tch/Cbd oil. I look forward to hearing from you.


James Warren


Brinna Nanda

CBD oil can be extracted from Hemp, and might be an option for those that cannot get their hands on an abundant supply of high THC cannabis. Mixing the extracted CBD with some THC will support the endocannabinoid system. It's important to start eating right. No meat. No sugar. Lots of fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Juicing is important. Protein from plant sources: chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds.

Find and follow a cancer-specific dietary plan on line, that you can stand.

Good luck, light and love.


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