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Sensi Seeds launches Classic Redux Series with three new cannabis seed strains, plus White Label Pure Power Plant® Automatic

New strains These varieties make premium cannabis genetics available to all. As they are feminized and automatic expressions, they allow a broader group of people to discover these original cannabis masterworks. They will be available in packs of three, five, and ten seeds.

Black Domina®  Feminized – Sensi Seeds

 Whether you have grown before or not, Black Domina Feminized is a perfect example of the world of premium indica cannabis genetics. Strong and sultry!

One of the deepest, darkest indicas ever created, Black Domina has been collecting devoted aficionados for over two decades. This feminized version of the phenomenal four-way hybrid is charming new fans and old with the same exceptional qualities, made even easier to obtain. She’s super-strong, very distinctive and utterly beautiful.

Black Domina Feminized cannabis seeds are a classic redux of the original four-way hybrid. Explore  the world of indicas in all their complexity and strength with this sophisticated strain. You will discover that there’s much more to this end of the cannabis spectrum than just being very stoned. Buy these seeds for big, easy harvests of premium indica buds that will satisfy even the most demanding of cannabis dominas!

Hindu Kush®  Automatic – Sensi Seeds

These seeds harness the power of mountainside cannabis evolution and the cutting edge of autoflowering breeding techniques for a super easy classic indica.

Hindu Kush has been a favourite of oldschool indica lovers since its release over two decades ago. Classics which have stood the test of time, as Hindu Kush has, are obvious and rewarding candidates to combine with the cutting edge of cannabis breeding technology. Hindu Kush Automatic is a perfect example of having the best of both worlds in your growroom.

If you are looking for cannabis seeds for a fast, short, low maintenance crop with the great qualities of mountainside indica, Hindu Kush Automatic is a great choice. This modern redux of an award winning classic delivers a smooth high and a dependable performance. Affordable, easy and ready in almost record time, this is a great choice for beginners and medicinal growers.

Hindu Kush®  Feminized – Sensi Seeds

Compact, chunky, fast-flowering pure indica from the Hindu Kush mountains. Plants are robust and sturdy. Feminized seeds, ideal for beginners!

Hindu Kush has been the parent strain of numerous hybrids since its release. Sensi Seeds used it to create the popular Skunk Kush. The most recently famous of these hybrids is the OG Kush, proving that when genetics are this good, there is no reason to stop using them! This feminized version of Hindu Kush puts a new spin on an old classic.

Hindu Kush Feminized is a warmly welcomed member of the Kush family that Sensi Seeds is sure you will love. It has the same distinctive spicy aniseed and sandalwood flavours and aromas as the treasured original, the same rewarding growth patterns and yield potential, but now in a reliable feminized expression that makes it easier than ever before to cultivate. Choose these Hindu Kush Feminized cannabis seeds for a classic strain in an updated format!

pure Power Plant®  Automatic – White Label

Strong, sturdy and superb, the autoflowering version of this classic is a delight for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

Pure Power Plant has been a popular and reliable strain for many years, delighting growers with its enormous yields, superior strength and rapid flowering time. This feminized autoflowering seed version gives you the opportunity to produce quality crops quickly, easily, and several times a year, no matter what your level of experience is!

Pure Power Plant Automatic is recommended for beginners, people who have less confidence in their green fingers, those who need several crops per year from the same grow space, and anyone trying out a new growroom set up and needing a ‘troubleshooting’ variety. It thrives indoors under lights and can also flourish outdoors in warm climates with long summers.

It is rare for Sensi Seeds to release new strains, although it is no secret that the brand continuously works on developing new genetics. However, this process takes years of meticulous work before a variety is ready for distribution.

“Long-valued customers expressed their interest in us developing more feminized and automatic varieties. After careful deliberation, we were happy to oblige,” states Ravi Spaarenberg, Director of Sensi Seeds. “We have several other projects in the pipeline for 2017 that are bound to surprise!”

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Olá tudo no
Gostaria de saber essas sementes automáticas quais os cuidados dela ??
Brasil português


Scarlet Palmer

Ola Lyro John,

Thank you for your comment ? Unfortunately, for legal reasons we cannot respond to grow questions on the blog, but we do have the Sensi Seeds Forum where you can ask a thriving community of gardening fans for advice, share your experiences, and see if your question has already been covered. I hope this helps.

With best wishes


Obrigado pelo seu comentário ? Infelizmente, por razões legais, não podemos responder a perguntas sobre o blog, mas temos o Fórum Sensi Seeds Onde você pode pedir uma comunidade próspera de fãs de jardinagem para conselhos, compartilhar suas experiências e ver se sua pergunta já foi coberta. Eu espero que isso ajude.

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