Prescribed Uses of Medicinal Cannabis

Dutch medicinal cannabis - Bedrocan
Dutch medicinal cannabis – Bedrocan

As of June 2010, the United States National Library of Medicine (the world’s largest medical library) contains over 12,000 instances of biomedical literature referring to potential uses of medicinal cannabis or cannabinoids.

The potential scope of conditions and ailments treatable with marijuana seems much greater than many people suspected, as research continues to uncover new applications. In recent years, perhaps the most interesting studies are those that find cannabis to be startlingly effective in treating various forms of cancer.

Here we present a short list of prescribed uses of medicinal cannabisfor from the Dutch Bureau for Medicinal Cannabis, although physicians are by no means limited to this list:

Prescribed Uses of Medicinal Cannabis in the Netherlands

  • Muscular cramps and spasms caused by Multiple Sclerosis or spinal cord injury
  • Nausea, reduced appetite, weight-loss and weakness caused by cancer and AIDS
  • Nausea and vomiting as a result of medication, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy for cancer, hepatitis C, HIV, or AIDS
  • Chronic pain, especially when related to the nervous system or caused by nerve damage
  • Therapy-resistant glaucoma
  • Tourette Syndrome

When medicinal cannabis is once prescribed by a doctor, it can be obtained from pharmacists in three different varieties.

  • High THC, low CBD
  • High THC high CBD
  • Low THC, high CBD

Strains were bred using exclusive cannabis genetics from the Sensi Seed Bank to ensure the finest and most consistent prescription medicinal marijuana possible.